The Cupid Bag

  1. Whoa, look at that "butt" shot!!! :graucho:
  2. ^^ LOL!!
    I was trying to show how supple the leather is on this bag!!
  3. This looks beautiful! The one I saw was super stiff but this one looks perfect! Great detail and love the hw combo. Congrats...
  4. Thanks! I once had an almond MAC with really stiff leather and hated it. That's why I hesitated on this bag. But I am very pleased. If only it had the rear pocket....
  5. I love the leather and the threaded eyelets. I like the threaded eyelets more than the regular bumps, I think.
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    i got the bright pink cupid for an unbelievable $233.89 before tax from bloomingdales i love it the stock photos do the color no justice

  7. And here's mine from Bloomies also at the crazy low sale price. Still not sure if I'll keep. Something's gotta go for this lady to stay. But I do love it more IRL than in pix.

  8. Here here Hot Pink Cupi twin sister!! Isn't she just gorgeous!!! :graucho:

  9. I always think of how cute yours looks in your pix -- I do love it!!!
  10. i had 3 pink coach bags i took to a consignment shop to get this one and i dont regret it !
  11. Love it! Such Pink pebbly goodness. Congrats!

    It's beautiful! I do know that rule very well, something has to go for something new to come in. I hope you get to keep it because I know you've wanted it for so long. It's too pretty to let go.
  12. love the bright pink - such a fun color!
  13. So gorgeous, I love pink!

    There's so many gorgeous new Cupids on too, am lusting after the Royal or Soft Grey... but will probably end up getting a black.
  14. I love these cupids. It's too bad that a bright pink wouldn't fit into my wardrobe, because that's a great deal! Is the pebbly leather slouchy or stuff like the ostrich? I might stalk royal to see if it goes on sale. I've been looking for a blue bag for awhile.
  15. Me too, the Royal leather looks a lot nicer than the thinner glazed ones.