The Croc Montaigne

  1. Hi BV Enablers

    I'm sitting in the office and I'm dying to call BV and find out how much the Montaigne is in the croc but I can't because everyone can hear me. Does anyone know how much it is please?

  2. I remember drooling over the limo croc montaigne on the Spring 2007 catalog cover but thinking it was out of my budget at around $16,000 USD :crybaby: It is such a gorgeous bag and you must post pics if you get it!
  3. Does anyone know what colors the croc montaigne comes in this season?
  4. It's S$31,330 according to my Spring/Summer catalogue...which works out to US$21,236 (

    I don't know about this season's colours, but croc in Limo was just outta this world! :tender:
  5. I just checked my spring/summer 07 US catalog and it's $16,800 USD for the limo croc one :love: I can't believe how much higher the price is where you are Nymph :nuts:
  6. Yup..... unfortunately for us in Singapore, it's a fact, BV costs so much more here :sad: ....
  7. LOL, I hope the responses helped you in your time of crisis.... I can so relate to this! :lol:
  8. Thank you everyone!! That is so out of my price league. I was thinking that it might be about 6000 US dollars or something like that. I guess I will have to stick to my love of Venetas and maybe branch out to a campana.

  9. :yucky:

    Which really is a bummer, but I think we're used to it... At least I know I am! :p
  10. Always a pleasure to help out another BV addict in times of withdrawal! :lol:
  11. Thank you Nymph. It is all I can do to wait for the BV sale to come up. I want to run over there now and buy a green veneta!!!! I have already matched it with my outfits and mentally picked out my accessories but the sale is not until Jan!!!
  12. It is a very cute bag.
  13. Anyone have a pic?? It is dream worthy!
  14. Very much welcome, VKD! Which green Veneta is this you're refering to? Can't wait to see it!

    And for Megs, here you go, the Croc Montaigne in Limo from Spring/Summer 2007:

  15. Limo is the best color that shows off the croc skin. :tup: