The Costume Institute Gala at the Met

  1. Eva Mendes

    Cate Blanchett

    Kate Bosworth

    Jennifer Garner

    Renee Zellweger
    Eva.jpg Cate.jpg Kate.jpg Jennifer.jpg Renee.jpg
  2. Lucy Liu

    Lindsay Lohan

    Jessica Simpson

    Naomi Watts ans Liev Schreiber

    Cameron Diaz
    Lucy.jpg Lindsay.jpg Jessica.jpg Naomi and Liev.jpg Cameron.jpg
  3. Jennifer Connolly

    Mary Kate Olsen

    Ashley Olsen

    Scarlett Johansson

    Mischa Barton
    Jennifer.jpg Mary Kate.jpg Asley.jpg Scarlett.jpg Mischa.jpg
  4. Liv Tyler

    Salma Hayek

    Sandra Bullock

    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

    Amanda Peet
    Liv.jpg Salma.jpg Sandra.jpg Jennifer and Marc.jpg Amanda.jpg
  5. Gisele Bundchen

    Kate Moss

    Donatella Versace and Hilary Swank

    Julianne Moore

    Kirsten Dunst with Johnny Borrell
    Giselle.jpg Kate.jpg Donatella and Hilary.jpg Julianne.jpg Kirsten.jpg
  6. Rosaria Dawson

    Christina Ricci

    Angie Harmon

    Juliette Lewis

    Christy Turlington
    Rosario.jpg Christina.jpg Angie.jpg Juliette.jpg Christy.jpg
  7. My favourite is definitely Renee Zellweger. I love everything about her look. The dress is gorgeous and her hair looks fabulous.

    J.Lo looks great as always.
    Naomi Watts is radiant pregnant in that dress.
    Jennifer Garner is stunning in her red dress, with great hair and make-up.
    Kirsten looks crazy as she does pretty often lately.
    I'm also not sure about Jessica Simpson's skin color, it looks even worse with this silver dress.
  8. Who wore what:

    Julianne Moore - YSL

    Lucy Liu - Zac Posen

    Jennifer Garner - Valentino Couture

    Mischa Barton - Giambattista Valli

    Cameron Diaz - Christian Dior

    Sandra Bullock - Alberta Ferretti

    Scarlett Johansson - Stella McCartney

    Renee Zellweger - Carolina Herrera

    Jennifer Lopez - Marchesa

    Naomi Watts - Zac Posen

    Kate Moss - Topshop (her own design)

    Claudia Schiffer - Alberta Ferretti

    Gisele Bundchen - YSL

    Kirsten Dunst - vintage YSL

    Lindsay Lohan - Bally

    Liv Tyler - Calvin Klein

    Christina Ricci - Calvin Klein

    Kate Bosworth - Prada

    Cate Blanchett - Balenciaga

    Salma Hayek - Balenciaga

    Jessica Simpson - Roberto Cavalli

    Jennifer Connolly - Balenciaga
  9. A few more pics:

    Jennifer Hudson in Michael Kors

    Kate Moss

    Jennifer Garner

    Claudia Schiffer

    America Ferrera
    Jennifer Hudson.jpg Kate.jpg Jennifer.jpg Claudia.jpg America.jpg
  10. Salma Hayek with her fiancee Francois-Henri Pinault

    Jessica Simpson with Roberto Cavalli

    Jessica Stam in Dior
    Salma.jpg Jessica.jpg Jessica Stam.jpg
  11. Gisele Bundchen

    Ellen Pompeo

    Lindsay Lohan with couture chaperone Brian Atwood (a footwear designer, Versace’s former chief accessories director and currently Bally’s creative director)

    Liv Tyler
    Gisele.jpg Ellen.jpg Lindsay.jpg Liv.jpg
  12. WELL! Jessica Simpson and Cate Blanchett look ridiculous. I can't wait until the GFY girls get stuck into them!

    Rosario Dawson and Cameron Diaz look the best, in my opinion. Cameron Diaz really knows how to work turquoise jewelry.
  13. I like Jennifer Lopez's dress the best.
    Jennifer Gardner looks great.
    Love the two colors Cameron Diaz paired together.
    Jessica Simpson has been looking a little trashy lately
  14. Christy Turlington, Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz And Rosario Dawson Look The Best, In My Opinion
  15. Gakkkk Jessica Simpson, Cate Blanchette (who usually is lovely) and Kristen look aweful IMO.

    Oddly the Olsen twins don't look like old grandmas for a change.

    Everyone else looks pretty good.