The Cleopatra Hair Style

  1. What do you think of the style ? & Who rocks it and who doesn't ?


    I like Janet's and Nelly's hair the best.
  2. Can't see the pics! :o(
  3. were there pics with this?
  4. Here's the pics :idea:
    lid2gwen.jpg lidjan.jpg lid1nel.jpg
  5. I dislike it on Nelly the most. . . but I don't like it at all mostly.
    The bangs are just TOO severe IMO.
  6. I like it on Gwen, with the others, it looks too much like a bad wig.
  7. it can look cute but it's hard. I actually think it looks good on Nelly, in that pic at least. Janet looks awful, IMO.
  8. I think it looks like a wig on Gwen and Janet. I think Nelly's looks the best.
  9. Gwen looks the best even though it's a wig.
  10. from the three of them i like it on nelly furtado the most. gwen and janet look sorta odd with the hairsyle. :shrugs: