The cheek and audacity of some people

  1. I was at Loehmann's, carrying my denim chanel handbag, minding my business and this chick comes up to me and says "is that authentic"? Number one, many people automatically think that I'm a b:mad: tch because of my always stoic facial expression, so I know that I looked like a bigger b:mad: tch because I literally felt my face turn hostile and I said "yeah" (in a hostile voice). And she says "because it is so beautiful".

    Okay. If someone wants to give you a compliment, that's fine. But why begin it with such a rude introduction. I would never approach someone like that. That little hooker!:rant:
  2. That was a strange way of complimenting someone's bag!!! I guess there is a certain level of sensitivity around designer bags so it could also be that she was just really clueless. I've had people come up to me and ask me if my dog is a purebred, and then they proceed to say 'she is so cute!'. I never know what to say to them except 'thanks ?'. Some people are just clueless, don't let that bother you.
  3. i've experienced the same thing when it comes to Dookie. I don't like to give him the typical poodle cut and leave it natural. Because of this, many people assume that he's a poodle-mix. At first, this annoyed me because I did a ton of research before finding a good breeder and drove 3 hours thru heavy rain to get him. Some people are just weird...Dookie is Dookie. He wouldn't be less 'cute' if he were a mix (which he is NOT! :P)
  4. Aww ... Dookie is such a cutie!!! And that face, just too cute!
  5. That is pretty rude! Once at a restaurant, I was walking back to my table after I used the restroom and this lady at the table next to me exclaimed "Aha, I knew it!" I was totally startled so I looked over and she was looking directly at me and continued to say "...a gorgeous bag like that had to be a Chanel". It was a nice compliment, but I was sorta weirded out that she was probably staring at my bag throughout the night trying to figure out what brand it was :blink:
  6. Ok- how about this one ladies: I'm black, my husband is black, and our youngest son is very light skinned. I've acutally had women come up to me and ask if [my son's] father (he wasn't out with us at the time) were white??!!! I was speechless!!:mad: Even if he were HOW is that ANY of their business???? :mad:
  7. i don't know, it doesn't really bother me when people ask about the origins of my bags, jewelry or family puppies because i know i'm thinking the same thing when i go out and see something beautiful. i always just take it as a compliment if the tone is complimentary. sometimes you get the snobby tone...that's the only time i find it offensive.

    why does it bother others so much? maybe if i thought about it more it would bother me, but it really doesn't.

    as for the comment about sparkle's child wtf?? that's just bizarre.
  8. That is beyond rude! How dare they!! What ever happened to etiquette? I know chivalry is dead, but etiquette...??
  9. OMGosh, people have some balls!

    LOL! I LOVE that you have a stoic face! If I didn't 'know' you you'd probably intimidate me!
    I'm an open book, my face reveals everything!

    She should not have started the convo that way . . .
    some people have a hard time breaking the ice I guess{?}
  10. So if it was fake, she would have told you to your face that it was ugly? :huh: WTF. That was pretty condescending and rude :mad:
  11. I don't think she meant to be rude to you, she just wanted to know if it was real or not because it was such a nice bag! I bet after she left she felt horrible and embarrassed at what she said to you!
  12. Almost everytime I've been complimented on my bag the first thing the person says to me is "Is it real?" I've gotten used to it, I think most people know what LV is, for example, but they don't know how to tell the difference between are real and and fake so they just ask. I don't think most people mean to be rude I think they are just ignorant, but there are still some jerks out there. If they are rude about it they are probably just jealous.

    Sparkle, I think that is the rudest thing I've ever heard! I couldn't believe I was reading that. It makes me angry that people think that it is ok to do something like that. :mad:
  13. Some people are rude and/or ignorant. Let's see...I've had people ask me any number of offensive queries such as...

    Is that your dad? uncle? (and on and on until I tell them that yes,he is my husband!)
    Are those your real breasts? (Yes.)
    Are you anorexic? (Um, no. I've been skinny my whole life!)
    Is your necklace real? (Um, it's not cubic zirconia!)

    We live in a very insensitive world.
  14. well, I am glad u responded that way... but i do agree, she could have politely shared her fascination much nicer....
  15. Oh man, I have gotten the "Is that your dad?" question before, because my boyfriend is 14 years my senior. I swear the next time someone asks me that I am going to grab my boyfriend and say, "Gimme a kiss, daddy!" Then I am going to plant a big sloppy kiss on him! :lol: