the chain on your tokidoki bag

  1. I was wondering what you all use (or not use) your silver ball chain attached to your tokidoki bag for?
    I was thinking of adding some qees to it...
    any other ideas? thanks!
  2. Mine kinda just hangs there and does nothing. I don't use it for any purpose or I guess you could say decorative purpose? ;)
  3. I take all mine off and throw them in my storage case where all my unused bags sit and wait to be loved :biggrin:
  4. I've put it around my wrist a couple times & worn it as a bracelet. I did that a lot with my black/OP ciao's chain. heh.
  5. I leave it exactly where it is on the bag as a decoration.
  6. I, too, leave it on as decoration.
  7. i take it off they are just hanging on the nail that holds my calendar with all the tags and stuff haha
  8. I take my chains and qees off my bags - I think they look weird-ish on the bags. And I also don't want to lose them!
  9. I take mine off and do nothing with them. It seems like a cool thing to use as a necklace, but they're either too long, or too short~ Booo :p
  10. Thanks for starting this thread! I'd like to hear what you're supposed to do with the chain.
    Funky Fresh medallion holder?
    Snow chains for a Barbie Corvette?
    Lamp pull extender?

  11. hahaha....all good suggestions:roflmfao:

    i usually take my qees off, and leave the chain on.
    i did wear one as a necklace once.
  12. I leave mine on, I like them as decoration. I took the chain off of my canguro, and wore it as a bracelet (wrapped around twice) a few days ago. Of course, this ended up being the day my boyfriend gave me my first Shodokan lesson, and my wrist got squished under the chain. Durr. :p
  13. I leave the ball chain on on all of my bags and denaros. I love that little detail of the bag!!
  14. i leave it as decoration :smile:
  15. I leave it as decoration too, just the shiney ones. I just bought an OP Bella Bella without the green chain, and am trying to find one. I don't leave the Qee's on though, after all the postings of broken Qee's, I just save them in a drawer safe and sound. I contacted Lesportsac, but I haven't gotten a positive response yet. I've posted on LJ too hoping someone would sell me theirs, but no offers yet. I like the dangly stuff!