The case of the missing suede bag....

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  1. So here's the story...

    Around the middle of December, I brought two bags in to be sent to the spa. One was my Raisin Toto, which needed some dye applied to the corners. The other was my vintage suede Lydie which just needed some cleaning. The bag was fine otherwise.

    Both bags were shipped to NY. I received the Toto back within six weeks or so. However, I did not get the Lydie back...which I though was the easier of the two bags to handle.

    Around a month or so later I enquired about the Lydie as to the status, I could not get an answer as to what happened. Another month later I inquired again and was told maybe it was sent to Paris since it was suede and that it was possible that NY could not handle the cleaning. ( is this true??)

    It is now the end of May (5 1/2 months) and I still do not have my Lydie back. I asked again in early May and was flat out told that m local store was having a hard time getting answers as to the status.

    I'm really begininng to think the bag is lost...

    Has anyone had a bag gone for this long? Keep in mind, I thought this was a minor cleaning.

    I have since had another bag shipped to Paris after it had an unfortunate accident with road salt after a snow storm....Will I have to wait six months for this one too?

    Any thoughts or suggestions on where to go from here are greatly appreciated.
  2. QsM, Claude once told me that it takes at least six months to get a bag back from Paris. (he said it with a very gallic wave of the hand and roll of the eyes.)
  3. ^^

    Well that means it should be here any day now..:rolleyes:

    I would hope it's done before the entire city shuts down for the summer...

    Why would they send a suede bag to Paris...Is there no one in NY who can clean suede? They could have taken it down a block or two to a shoe repair place... I wouldn't have known otherwise...
  4. ^lmao!
  5. Don't fret. I took my Carmen keyring in because it popped a stitch. It was 5 months before I saw it again. 5 months! And I know it didn't go to Paris in that time. It was just that the repair was sitting in the shelf and must have been shuffled in the melee that is the repair room.
  6. I've been told that all suede, (and white bags) are sent to Paris to be cleaned/conditioned. Also been told to expect to wait at least 6 months. Where I am, bags are sent to California to have a spa treatment. Hopefully, you'll see your bag again soon.
  7. Thanks that would really have upset me...To wait 5 months for a key chain...yiikes!
  8. The polite thing would be for Hermes to send you a note letting you know that the cleaning has been delayed. Unless you speak fluent French, and have the phone number of the atelier how are you going to get updates? On the whole, I think this is rude. These are expensive bags and one does worry about where the heck they are!!!
  9. They sent my horsehair/box yeogh bag to Paris - it was six months and then some with no word in the interim - they called me when it arrived back in NY when they were ready to ship it back to me. Pierre said to forget I owned it for a while because he couldnt' say when it would be back - it needed a repair too though. Six months I've been told is normal for turnaround time for Paris - and longer if an August is involved.
  10. :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  11. i'm sorry your bag is missing. im laughing though- did my current lv situation remind you? lol
  12. H,

    No it didn't remind me..This has been ongoing and everytime I deal with my SA I ask about it..I now have three bags somewhere being repaired...and I may buy another...and I just don't understand why this takes so long to accomplish...

    Even my SA commented that this spa thing is lousy customer service in her eyes and she agreed that I'd have a quicker turnaround at Gucci or another brand which is a shame for what we pay and the exclusivity of the brand...
  13. The thing is this, QM, according to Claude they have more work than ever before, even with an additional craftsman in NYC. He once told me that around the holidays there were 400 bags that needed to be cleaned. The same time last year, only 100. While I understand your frustration, I can also understand Claude's.
  14. I have had a bag in Paris for the past 2 months and was told not to expect its return until the end of summer. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed only because it is a bag that I had hoped to wear quite a bit during the warms months --- oh well!!
    I also was in your same position, as I had 3 of my bags "repossessed", and my closet felt so empty. But, I just got back 2 of them, so it is just the one in Paris that I am longing for...
    I have to say, that I am very grateful for the work that is being done and that my SA and manager have both been lovely about checking up on its progress --- I just miss it because it is a new bag that I have yet to use,so I am eager to break it in!
  15. ^^ Interesting.

    I was actually told today that one of the bags I sent after the suede one is done and has been sent back from needed to be recolored...the suede...still not has been "seen" though...

    With 400 bags I wonder if some are shipped to Paris to help handle the overload...

    They really should hire more people... I am assuming the 400 is above average, but if their intake is even half that and there is a long delay,they should staff up to handle the workload in a comparable time frame to other luxury goods dealers.

    As a contractor, my copmany would lose the contract if we did not hire to keep up with expected timeframes...

    With owning a bridal salon I would have lawsuits if we couldn't hadle the amount of alterations required by the brides in a reasonable time frame...