The Britt Medium Hobo - Picture model please

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    I'm thinking about getting this purse soon but the dimension is pretty small for me. I hadn't seen the purse in person yet so I'm not sure how it's gonna look on me. I carry mostly big purse like the Damier Azur 30. If you guys have picture of you wearing it, please show it to me so I can compare. I'm only 5'2 and yes I have tons of stuff in my purse.
  2. I have this purse. I am actually using it today. It is one of my more comfortable bags to carry. I am also 5'2 and and just like you I normally prefer larger bags. I was surprised how much stuff this thing can fit. Today I have in it the following: LV Koala Wallet, LV large Pochette, LV Cles, Coach Wristlet, Coach Mini Skinny, a camera, My cell phone and 80gig Ipod.

    I recommend this bag.
  3. Wow Beljwl that is a lot of stuff!!! I love this bag also. It's very cute and dainty :smile:

  4. LOL

    I know I carry way to much crap. And imagine if I wore make-up how much more I would carry. :nuts:
  5. its a cute bag..
  6. lolz...that is a lot of stuff. I carry my chanel compact in the burberry make up bag so it fits that and my ipod too. the rest is just my wallet and my notebook but sometimes I have to put my note from school.

    Actually I didn't even know this bag exist until I saw a girl carry it on the street. I just had to turn around and take a good look at it. It's so pretty and looks very comfortable too. Def gonna be my next bag. Thanks :smile:
  7. is that your whole house or just your room that you carry in your bag? hehehe lotsa stuff!:wtf:

  8. LOL I just don't like to stuff anything full so I carry lots of 1/2 full things. Like my wallet I only have 6 credit cards in it and it holds 9.
  9. Purse_lover: it's a cute bag and the price is soooo affordable. Let us know when you decide to get it. :yahoo:

    Beljwl: Girl...i totally understand what you're saying. My mom always gets mad at me because she says that these beautiful handbags are not meant to be all stuffed up with all my junk. But I just can't help it that I carry my whole house with me everywhere I go. LOL!!! :roflmfao:
  10. lolz, that's what big bags are for, well and small one too. I stuff my speedy with some tissue so they won't be dirty at the bottom and also they don't sag.
  11. I just got this bag for my birthday and love it! I am 5'6 and feel like this bag is the perfect size. Here's my first model pic- Hope this helps!
    pic 40.JPG
  12. ^ Looks great Merjean, I love it!

  13. Thanks, Kavnadoo. I do so love the cream trim (and your abbey bag!) :yes:
  14. That looks great Merjean!!!! Thanks for the modeling pics!!! Now I really want one.... :nuts:
  15. I agree with everyone, it is sooo comfy! Unfortunately, my husband bought that for me for my bday last year, but my parents also bought me the Abbey medium boston bag. I preferred the New Britt, but I could not return or exchange the Abbey, so I returned the New Britt :crybaby: I bought sunglasses and the matching wallet to the I regret it, but don't let my husband know that! :p