The BRIT AWARDS !! ANY Brits Watching ?

  1. Anyone else watching the Brits tonight ??.

    I cannot believe Leona Lewis did not one one award, its just awful. But she did an AMAZING performance.

    Sharon & Family were great haha, sharon makes me laugh, anyone else enjoyed it ?
  2. yeah I watched it. I'm glad take that won an award, but kate nash shouldnt have got one IMO. Amy Winehouse was great too!
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  7. By the way, the one in pink is an American singer named Beth Ditto.
  8. I wish I could have seen it here in the states. I watched Amy Winehouse on youtube from the show and she was great.
  9. I can't believe Leona didn't win a thing! Her performance was amazing.

    What is Beth wearing?! She looks ridiculous in that pink thing.