The Body Shop Japanese cherry blossom

  1. hi

    this stuff sound great!! has anyone tried it yet???
  2. NO! But it's been ages since I've been to the Body Shop - I used to love the originals, like seaweed & birch, fuzzy peach (the original one; they've changed the formula somewhere along the line) and green apple :drool:

    When they brought out all the new stuff, like moonflower etc, I really wasn't keen, but japanese cherry blossom sounds devine - I love sweet smells with a bit of tartness, or a nice 'tang.'

    I'm going to go have a sniff tomorrow... what's it like? What did you get?
  3. I love it! It smells so pretty and fresh .
  4. I have it! I love it so much!! like kaiieCHANEL said it smells really clean and fresh!!!
  5. great thanks!! sounds like my kinda smell!! will have to get a bottle asap!! thanks ladies!

    I also heard they brought out a new "fresher" musk? anyone tries it??

  6. sweet jesus, where? who? what? when?

    I remeber bath and body works had something of the same name. the memoirs of a geisha special in honor of that movie. but it was sold out fast!!
  7. smells great!
  8. Body Shop huh? I've never heard of that....I have the Japanese Cherry Blossom perfume from Bath & Bodyworks..and it smells awesome.
  9. I tried it, it's a valentine's day exclusive. Didn't get a chance to buy any though, I really would have liked the scent in the oils.
  10. Somebody gave me the body lotion and the body spray for Christmas. I don't know but for some reason I had the idea in my head that the stuff from the Body Shop was crap. Anyway, I tried the lotion and wow, that stuff is incredible. Smells great and is really thick.

    Also, I purchased their air fresheners, the ones that plug into the wall, in the cherry blossom. They smell so good.
  11. my god, thanks for the replies!! I need this purfume bad!! will have to go shopping tomorrow!! thanks everyone!
  12. Haven't tried it, but I smelled one at Bath and Body Works with the same name. It was good, but I like stronger florals!
  13. I wear it pretty much everyday, I love it.
  14. I loved the one bath and body works had. I used to wear the Mango in the mix your own bath collection they had. I love that mango smell it was so fresh.. I am gonna brave the mall on a saturday and check this one out.
  15. i'm intrigued. I used to love the body shop, but haven't been in ages...I had some passiofruit facial cleanser that I loved.