The black sheep cousin of the Twiggy

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  1. saw this... have NO CLUE if it is real.. never ever seen it before and its lined in SHEEPSKIN. :wtf: remember when everything had sheepskin details 2 or 3 yrs ago? i bet thats when it is frfom...

    but it's shape is similar to the twiggy with the mirror, similar handles to my 4 pocket tote and what looks like nice leather- maybe in that aviator family b/c of the similar details and the such... so here it is!

    ETA: correction for major spelling errors! akk!
  2. wow! I do believe it's real, just an old bag. I remember seeing one like it, but in bowler style.
  3. cool! I think its real too... a lot of the details are repeated in recent "other" balenciaga styles and it just looks like a NG design.
  4. It would make a great Yoga bag!
  5. My immediate thought was "cat carrier"!! ;) (My kitty's is lined in sheepskin too.) I wonder if it's related to the aviator line as well? It has some elements of the collection - the sheepskin, pockets... hm.
  6. hahaha. cat carrier! hahaha.

    interesting bag.
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