The birkin bug has bitten

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  1. After viewing all of the wonderful celebs with their birkins thread. It has inspired me to get a birkin. I never knew how beautiful this bag is. ANd it can fit so many things. I was going to get a LV perforated speedy, but now I'm going to save up for a birkin. It's the only bag I want for my next bag. And after it, no more for a couple of years hahaaha. SO to you birkin experts. How much is a black birkin?? no exotics.
  2. Oh goodness Kyliereese. You'll be searching for a while, a black one is hard to find. It can cost as much as $5,000 or up to $70,000 evenn I think.Yikes! If you have that kind of money then go for it!
  3. I though you didn't like Hermes huh? :lol: J/K. Goodnight!
  4. Good for you.......birkin is an investment.
  5. I didn't even know what it looked like before. I've never seen one before until I looked up the celebrity thread. It's the most classy bag I've ever seen. I think it's the only bag I'll need for a couple of years. lol. And it will fit soooo many things. but I don't know anything about sizes, i'll research more tommorrow.. G night
    P.S Lovebags- I'm only willing to spend like 5 to 7 Gs NO more or I'll live in regret the rest of my life for spending so much on a bag.
  6. ^^^ I hope you don't sell any of your bags just to get one Birkin. If I had the money fine but if I don't then it's totally not worth it.
  7. Kyliereese - Good luck on your hunt! At first, the bag was also not that special to me, then it started to grow on me and the design is so classic. Also after I purchased my Hermes wallet, boy was the leather GORGEOUS!!! I ordered a 30cm in gold leather with palladium hardware in clemence taurillon leather last week and who know when it arrives!
  8. I'd say you're in good shape with a 7-8g birkin :biggrin: Make sure you get it at a boutique and avoid the huge markup that resellers put on them though! :biggrin: They are out there!
  9. No I'm definetly not selling any bags to get one birkin..I love all of my bags I have now, plus I'm saving the ones I don't use for my daughter. IN the mean time, I'm just going save up instead of buying more bags to get the birkin.
    IF black is hard to get then maybe i'll settle for a different color. I should go check out the Hermes here in San francisco. before I do though I'm going to need some knowledge from this forum, I don't want to go in there and look dumb to the SAs.
  10. ^^^don't worry about looking dumb :biggrin: When I first met my SA he was very nice about explaining some of the finer points that I didn't know. No shame in that, they work there, they are supposed to know better and share what they do :biggrin:
  11. ^^^^^ I agree.
  12. I agree.
  13. What the Birkin does, which I think is great, is it makes us consider our purchases more, and stops us from buying useless things just to save for one beautiful Birkin (or 2 or 3:nuts: ).