the big 21

  1. hey ive been looking on eBay for ever to find a chanel bag i want .. but i just dont trust it. I know what im after i think. A Jumbo one with the big cc clasp preferably. Anyway i stumbled accross here out of desperation but u guys realy seem to know what u are talking about.
    Does anyone know anywhere online i can find one.. somewhere that will ship to the UK if not already based in the UK. Im not botherd if its pretty scratched up, i think id prefer that.
    but my birthdays in like 3 weeks... helpp
  2. Hi and welcome!

    Chanel doesn't sell online.

    If you're looking for the vintage Jumbo with the big CC,
    then you're stuck with eBay to find them.

    If you're looking for the current Jumbo, then you can go to the Chanel Boutique or Harrods and maybe some other warehouses who sell Chanel based in the UK.
  3. If you find one eBay, just post the auction in the Authenticate This section on here and have it authenticated before you bid! The ladies here are awesome! :yes: