The best Steak!

  1. I was wondering what are your favorite places to have a steak? or lobster? My boyfriend took me to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Toronto for our annivesary and i was soooo amazed by how delicious it was and tender, that i told him that i want to celebrate everything there from now on :supacool: I hope he doesnt mind :biggrin: The staff was soooo nice as well, they even gave us cheesecake on the house with Happy Annivessary written in chocolate and they took pictures of us and posted it on their site for us to copy!!

    So what are your favorite places to eat a Steak? or for that matter, what is your favorite restaurant?
  2. yes I love ruth Chris in toronto....right at the Hilton Hotel. My other favourite is also Gibson's in chicago and mortons....also awesome...
  3. Austin Steakhouse in Las Vegas, NV
  4. How funny, I saw the header and I thought to myself 'Ruths Criss, mmmmm' yes they are good as they are cooked in butter. Their frozen alcoholic shakes are so good, especially the one w/amaretto, yum. If you are in San Francisco, there is also House of Prime Rib, they push a cart of prime rib around and you can order any cut/size/wt that you want, kind of like beef-dim-sum.

    Happy Anniversary!
  5. I'm easy to please. Outback's is fine with me. :yes:
  6. In NY we love Peter Luger. Out here in Az, there are 2 places we especially like, Bandera in Scottsdale and Donovan's in Phoenix.
  7. Morton's!!
  8. I've eaten at a lot of steakhouses - steak is B I G here in Texas! LOL!

    My 2 faves are local - one is del Friscos, unfreakinbelievable steak! :drool: the other is a place called Boi Ne Braza, it's a churasscaria {Brazilian} :smile:
  9. Chart House in San Diego is excellent, as is Flemmings.

    Mortons of Chicago anywhere is good, but of coures, especially in Chicago!
  10. I've had steak in Buenos Aires at Cabanas Las Lilas - have to say that was by far my favorite!
  11. Peter Lugers in New York
  12. Thank you Elle-mo It was so great there!! I know i am going to collect all the names of best steakhouses and when i travel i will make it a must to visit them!:smile:
  13. I like the Keg.

    Am also looking forward to both Morton's and Ruth Chris' steakhouses opening in my city in the coming few months now :smile:
  14. Morton's is fabulous!