THE best NATURAL looking makeup?

Jan 29, 2007
I like "Georgia" by Benefit, it's a finishing powder that gives a nice peachy glow and evens out skin tone. Before applying that I use their play stick concealer under my eyes and on red areas. I don't like the caked on makeup look either.


Sep 22, 2006
I have been trying almost every drugstore makeup out there for the longest time, trying to find something that offers good coverage but doesn't look cakey or dry or fake. What I've decided on is Cover Girl Advanced Radiance. It is supposed to be for aging skin and I am not that old and I have very oily skin, but this still does the trick for me! It offers perfect medium coverage without looking cakey and blends in with my skin perfectly. It also does NOT rub off.

I am sure there are higher-end cosmetics that are as good or better, but with the number of foundations I tried that DIDN'T match, I sure didn't want to buy a ton of high-end products only to find that they didn't match in the light at home or the natural light outside!


May 3, 2007
I'm addicted to the Prescriptives powder "foundation"-it leaves a matte, becautiful finish. Also great are Mac Studio Fix and Jane Iredale pressed minerals. That Neutrogena tinted moisterizer (someone help me with the name-not Glow Sheers) is great too.

Sonic Peaches

Never Duplicated
Nov 30, 2006
Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, and Bare Escentuals all are great foundations that look natural!

For makeup, the Benefit "10" palette is really nice and ultra-portable!!


Oct 29, 2006
I have to say I am addicted to Bare minerals. We have a store here in our mall and they do a complete demo on you....I was sold beforehand though thru my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law had sort of a plastic surgery mishap when she got a chemical peel and now she has severe dark spots under her eyes and bare minerals completely covers it! I have suffered from acne for 10+ years and all I can say is WOW...this makeup doesn't make me break out...makes my skin look bright and flawless. People at work don't even know I am wearing makeup!!! They just think my skin cleared up!!! It's amazing and so natural looking!


Jul 31, 2007
armani powders----some are sheer so you can barely tell you have something on...
check them out, they have AWESOME products that will definately make you look "natural"...

just a fact, in a mag that i was reading one time..i think cosmo, they had 3 pictures of 3 girls w/ different styles of makeup...the one that got the most votes for most attractive was the one witht he MOST makeup...however, the trick was to apply your makeup to make it APPEAR natural but they had the most basically, all those girls in ad's that you see that look "natural" have a significant amt of makeup on =) not that its a bad thing but it's all about the's just figuring out what products and how to create this look...

let us know what you decide to purchase! know what i just rememberd armani Disconinued their sheer powders...darn..ah well check them out anyawy they have great stuff =)


Jul 23, 2007
oh my gosh im wondering about this same thing! i'm taking notes along with carvedwords!! =)

so far ive tried Mac's studiofix and Everyday Minerals' foundation powder (semi matte). it seems that the EM looks more natural on me than the Mac one. The Mac looks kinda cakey, unless i only put it on very lightly. but then the coverage isn't that great when i do that. :shrugs:
Feb 11, 2006
I only wear makeup that looks natural. I can't stand the Kim Kardashian look.

My daily face is:
Bare Minerals (apply lightly and in layers to build up to desired coverage)
Light sweep of Bare Minerals blush or bronzer across the cheeks
top off with MAC blot powder
layer of lip balm and then stain with Stila Long-Wear lipcolor in Treasure or Clinique Black Honey

If I feel like wearing eyeshadow then it's usually a deep bronze color. I use Urban Decay in Smog.


H.O.P Mommy
Mar 11, 2006
I've tried EVERYTHING from MAC to Clinique to Lancome to GLO Minerals to Cover Girl and with acne-prone skin, it was very difficult to find a makeup line that gave me enough coverage without breaking me out. I've found Jane Iredale Mineral makeup covers everything without giving you a made-up look and it contains NO fillers so it will never harbor bacteria. This makeup has more variety of hues than any other mineral makeup to match any skin type. It also does not contain the mineral that makes your skin itch like other mineral makeups. You can even swim with it on and it won't come off!


Aug 2, 2006
I've used all the mineral products out there...But I didn't like how they 'transferred' if I touched my face and then I touched something else....Plus I put my makeup on at 6 a.m. and go ALL DAY....Now I am using Laura Gellar's 'balance -n- brighten'....It is a baked makeup that is totally awesome...I spot-conceal my flaw areas and then swirl the brush in the apply it like you would a mineral powder...but it is not messy at ALL..and the coverage is smooth, natural & flawless.....I get complimetns on my skin ALL the going to the Lancome or Estee counter and the SA's asking me what I use on my skin..I then quickly dust my whole face w a highlighting translucent pwder she has ... can't remember the name of makes your skin look amazing....I put some blush on & I'm done..and the whole process takes less than 1 minute! You don't use a lot of product...which is great..b/c you look natural..not made up...