The Best Mascara's I've Ever Used

  1. Lancome's Hypnose
  2. What's this badgal? Who makes that one???
  3. I also like Hypnose.
    It lengthens and thickens at the same time.

    Than again I grew up thinking Lancome is the king of mascara as my grandmother and my mother only wear Lancome mascara...

  4. BeneFit
  5. Me too!
  6. Right now I use Shiseido mascara base then Kevyn Aucoin The Mascara. I used to :heart: HR mascara, however it's no longer available. :sad:
  7. wow, seems like dior show!~

    I have very thin and short lashes. So far I used Loreal extreme Mascara. It works very well in the sense that it lengthen and thickens my lashes, but man does it get clumpy. Its gross.. I had to dump it.

    Will dior show work well with short and thin helpless lashes?

  8. Lancome Hypnose for me too.

    I also like Zoom Lash by it once when the store was out of Hypnose in my colour and it's fantastic. It's just not as water-resistant as Hypnose.
  9. Originally Posted by SuzyZ
    A little late to the thread but not too late to say " I do not like Dior Show" It clumps like mad and I thought it was a waste of money.

    I hate Maybelline Great Lash! (even though it's always beening voted as the top pick in the magazines)

  10. Thanks Layla, I'm going to hunt this down too. I'm now really torn between Diorshow and this one to try next...:hrmm:
  11. DIOR SHOW ALLLLLL THE WAY! The best mascara I've ever tried! It's pricey but WORTH it! :yes:
  12. The high end mascara's that i've tried were clinique and YSL.. however, they were no good for my short, sparse eyelashes..

    I've also tried a few low end mascaras, and I have to say that Maybelline Intense XXL wins the prize for extra length and thickness!

    (but since all you ladies out there are suggesting diorshow, i might go try some tomorrow for myself ! )
  13. Add me to the Dior Show bandwagon.
  14. Dior Ultimeyes, Diorshow and Ysl Faux Cils:yahoo:
  15. You're welcome Jo Ly. Good luck.