The Best Mascara's I've Ever Used

  1. What is the best mascara for achieving full lashes? My lashes are already really long, I just have trouble getting that full look that I see others sometimes have. Thanks in advance!
  2. DIOR SHOW. You will be hooked! They make your lashes look ROCKSTAR RUNWAY! I have black and a really cool electric blue. love them!!
  3. Dior Maximeyes.
  4. I agree, gotta love Dior.
  5. Dior Show. It rocks!:yes:
  6. dior show
  7. YSL! Fluffy lashes, no goop and safe for contact lens wearers.
  8. Dior Show for me too!!
  9. Dior show....LOVE IT
  10. definitely dior show
  11. I have to try Dior Show, didn't even hear about it until I found this thread! Thanks ladies, another item to add to my 3 full make up bags - lol!!!
  12. Dior Show is the best!! And you seriously will get lashes are long and I need a mascara that will give me fullness and this is clumps and no one huge eyelash!!
  13. I agree with all the other girls, Dior Show (hands down)!
  14. I love shu uemura - you girls are saying dior show is better? If so, I'll try it!
  15. DIOR -- I run in the Texas heat and it doesn't run!