The best Lip Plumper?

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  1. I am looking for a lip plumper that plumps up my lips noticeably. I have seen a few products on the market but they all seem to just enhance the volume rather than actually physically increasing the size. I've tried products such as maybelline lip plump and sephora lip venom, but none of these really work.... Can anyone help me?
  2. Really? Oh darn... :tdown:
    I was hoping to buy a tube of Du Wop Lip Venom off eBay... apparently lindsay lohan and jessica biel swear by it.. but if you've already tried it and found it to not really work, i guess i will skip and keep looking.. :sad:

    Ive also tried ModelCo Wonderfull lip plumper gloss.
    Its not very nice smelling, dreadfully sticky, very thick, and found that I had to keep re-applying more often then any other gloss to keep it on.
    The plump factor, however, was quite impressive...though the stinging sensation lasts alot longer. The high shine gloss also added to the plumped affect.
    But, i wouldnt buy this product again.
    Ive found eventually, after 30 mins or so of wear, a faint red line appears all around my mouth on the skin surrounding my lips... Im guessing its a bit of aggrivation from the product? Either way, its not sexy!
  3. LipFusion's really good too. It stimulates collagen production in your lip area and fills in lines for the time being.
  4. I swear by Patricia Wexler and Lip Fusion. Both work well without that awful burn/bad taste that Lip Venom and cheaper brands have
  5. i also like LipFusion alot
  6. I've tried Sally's and from wet'n wild and they didn't do it for me. But I read lipfusion is supposed to be really good.
  7. Lip Fusion
  8. I like Lip Venom, but I don't really need it so I don't see much difference. Like everyone above I heard LipFusion is great though, but also a bit pricier!
  9. Many of the products listed here, I have tried and they actually work a little. The only problem I have with ALL of them is that they dry my lips out so much. So, I've had to stop using them. I'm almost 50 and the last thing I need is dry lips.
  10. the only thing that's remotely worked for me is lipfusion
  11. I tried lip venom too, used it twice and then lost it didn';t really care much. It burned my lips. Lip Fusion must work with that price tag, I'm still mustering up the courage to buy it. $600 handbags that last for years no problem, $50 dollar lipgloss that lasts 3
  12. I don't use any lip plumpers because my lips are naturally plumped. I do own a couple though because I got them in sets where I wanted something else in the set. What I've noticed is that these lip plumpers have something in common. The key is to make your lips feel tingly. Once your lips tingle, it reacts by plumping up. I've actually tested this out. You can actually just use food or candy. I've noticed that when I eat really really hot/spicy food, my lips plump up. I'm not suggesting you go put pepper on your lips lol, but there are definitely other kinds of edible things out there that you can put onto your lips without even having to buy something expensive.
  13. Patricia Wexler works well. I used to really like Lip Venom, but I don't think it "plumped' as much as I thought it did and it leaves behind this white residue that is not hot.
  14. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme! You can get it at Sephora. I believe it was $28. Totally worth it! Definately works!
  15. Here is something you can do that will achieve your goal:

    Get one of those fat pale pink pencils, slightly shimmery.

    Now draw a line around the outside of your lips. If your skin is very pale, you probably don't even need to blend it.

    Apply the lip color of your choice, then -

    Take a lip gloss or color that is several shades lighter than your lip color, and bop the very center of each lip lightly with it, blend the edges just a smoosh. What you are doing is making a highlight, be careful not to mess up your lip line, keep it right in the vertical and horizontal center of each lip.

    Doing these things will catch the light, and make it look like there is more lip there than there really is.