The best hotel..........

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  1. With holidays just around the corner thought it would be a good idea for people to post their best hotel they have stayed in around the world and say why.

    I think the best hotel I have stayed in is the Bellagio in Las Vegas, the service is spot on although you do sometimes have to stand in line to checkin. This hotel has everything you could want, lovely shops Dio, Fendi, Chanel etc beautiful places to eat and the food is so good. Rooms are excellent and if you get one overlooking the fountains brilliant. The swimming pools are so lovely. A truely beautiful hotel.
  2. My favorite has to be the St. Regis in Rome {also where the Cruise's put up their guests I heard}.
    The hotel was magnificent! AMAZING service, excellent location, unbelieveably gorgeous hotel, and we even had an endless supply of Hermes toiletries! :biggrin:

    Also, I've never met a Ritz Carlton that I didn't like!
  3. Thats good to know I am staying at the Ritz Carlton, Naples Florida next year
  4. The Hotel Telluride, in Telluride Colorado. If your a skier, you HAVE to ski Telluride & stay at this place. UNBELIEVABLE attention to guest services...onsite spa, ski concierge, what more could a girl want!
  5. The Witchery in Edinburgh - sheer indulgence, very oppulent with velvet and silk lined walls, 4 poster beds that you cant actually touch the floor when you are sitting on as they are double matressed. Sheer sheer luxury. Even though I stay in Edinburgh we go there every year for our wedding anniversary. We stay in Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones room. There are only 5 rooms in the whole place!
  6. The Peninsula in Chicago,a half-block off North Michigan Avenue. When you check in, they take you from the front desk up to your room. There is a control panel by the bed than operates everything--lights, tv, etc. There is a mood lighting setting that is out of this world. A panel by the door gives the outdoor temperature and humidity so you know how to dress when you go out. Every staff member tries to make your stay pleasurable. I didn't want to return home!
  7. Bacara in Santa Barbara is wonderful! They have a beautiful and relaxing spa, golf course nearby, and cute shopping in downtown Santa Barbara.
  8. Love the Four Seasons on Maui and the Princeville on Kauai!
  9. The Peninsula in Hong Kong or
    the Georges V in Paris.
  10. I am not lucky enough to spend time in the "best hotels". The nicest ones I've been to were:

    1. Grand Hyatt in Taipei - swimming pool rocks.
    2. Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong - bed was supremely comfy.

    That is really it. :yes:
  11. ^Grand Hyatt's are really nice!:yes:
    I like this thread A LOT, very resourceful!

    Lodging doesn't have to be expecsive to be great! We stayed at an inexpensive little hotel on the beach in Laguna Niguel and had magnificent service.
  12. Fort William, Scotland, the Inverlocky Castle is amazing. Other than that, I really liked Motel 6 in El Paso, Texas.

    Just kidding.
  13. LOL. Say "hey" to Tom for me, yes? :smile:

    ps - I have your dachshunds in the *longhair* version. They are awesome dogs!
  14. This is so good - I am going up to Scotland and was wondering where to stay The Witchery and the Inver.Castle sound really good
  15. The Palace hotel in Cancun. The pool, the service, the bar, the nightclub...everything was just so perfect.