The Best Beer Commercials

  1. This is a Canadian beer commercial. It's great because it debunks the stereotypes Americans have about Canadians. I remember, when I first saw this, I wanted the t-shirt (even though I don't really drink beer). When I became a dual citizen and moved to Canada, I brought this shirt with me.
    YouTube - Molson: I am Canadian

    I love this one. Again, a Canadian commercial. Again, debunking the Canadian stereotype.

    And I discovered, after living here for a while, beavers are actually really cute animals!
    YouTube - Pet Beaver Molson I am canadian Canada

    Again, another Canadian beer commercial. Again, debunking Canadian stereotypes.
    (I don't watch hockey, but I'm pleased with myself for knowing this: the way the Canadian guy punches the American one, it's called 'turtling' - it's when a hockey player pulls the back of the other player's jersey over his head so he can't see and then punches him.)
    YouTube - The Office Fight Molson I am Canadian

    I loved this one! It's such a great approach to advertising beer. 'Wingman' became such a part of guys' vernacular and the commercial focused on that. My favorite line: "You're taking one for the team so your buddy can live a dream, Mighty Wingman."
    YouTube - Mighty Wingman
  2. I love funny commercials that makes you laugh, it takes a lot of creativity. Thanks for sharing!
  3. There are so many commercials that make me laugh. Beer commercials are so creative and really funny. Miller commercials are hilarious. I also really like the aquafina drink commercial, the bahamavention commecials and some of the geico commercials with the cavemen all make me giggle!
  4. This one is from Bud Light. It's the Real Men of Genius series, and it salutes Mr. Way Too Much Cologne Wearer. It's genius. And I love the heartfelt singer in the background.
    ("Everywhere a splish splash!")
    YouTube - Mr. Way Too Much Cologne Wearer
  5. This one is for Mr. Really, Really, Really Bad Dancer. Again with the sincere singer. It's genius.
    "Who's in the house? Some guy who can't dance. That's who's in the house."

    YouTube - Mr. Really Really Really Bad Dancer=
  6. This one is to Mr. Silent Killer Gas Passer. Again, really sincere sounding singer but also backup singers.

    "This afternoon, you're a ticking time bomb."
    ("Tick tick tick tick")

    YouTube - Mr Silent Killer Gas Passer=
  7. This is for Mr. Way Too Proud of Texas Guy.
    "Sure, there are 49 other states in the Union, but they're smaller, wussier, and the people talk funny."
    YouTube - Way too Proud of Texas Guy