the Bay Hobo on sale....

  1. Hello Ladies~
    I'm new here in Chole...
    I saw a beige Bay Hobo(just went in the reference thread to research the name of the style) on sale!!!!!
    Does anyone know how much the bag is for retail so I can try to convience my BF that it's a GOOOOOOd Deal!!!!!
    Thanks in advance~!

    it is nice and soft and light!!!!!
    Bay Hobo.jpg
  2. I think it is about $1400-$1500, for a smaller size. $1380 is what I've remembered, but there are so many styles and sizes, the actual prices actually ranged from $1300 to about $2000. Medium size would've been about $1600.

    BTW, Congrats on a beautiful Bay!
  3. Such a pretty bag, congrats!! :woohoo::yahoo::tup: