The BAL ARMY !!!!

  1. So, if those dorky guys from KISS can have an army, why can't we?

    I think we could use some solidarity around here... so why not have the BAL ARMY?

    This ain't no ordinary Army though... we watch each other's backs and although the "weapons" we carry may be classiques, citys, works or other styles, we're all a part of the same family. This Army is multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-gendered and multi-chronological! New to the Bal Army? We'll help you get thru BOOT CAMP!

    Need a bag? The Bal Army will help you find a store that has it! Don't know if it's a real bag? The Bal Army will help you figure it out! Significant other complaining about too many bags? The Bal Army will help you find new places to hide your new bags! :p

    Who's with me?


    (sorry but I'm in a really silly mood tonight...!)
  2. I'm in! Donna reporting for duty! I'll be happy to go to the frontlines for my Bal bag girls! (and guys)

    hey girl, havent forgotten I owe you a phone call. work stinks the past few days....:p
  3. LOL! I am with you, Colonel Roo....
  4. ^^ NP Donna! Gotta make those Bal $$ !!!! :p
  5. Ahh but I am but a mere Sgt in this here operation... Col Jag needs to report in! :p
  6. Be all you can be..............

    :tpfrox:........and so do you Roo!
  7. Don't mess with Bal Army.......:biguns:....:bagslap:
  8. :boxing:
  9. Thanks for indulging me ladies, as I said, I am in a silly mood tonight.
  10. :dothewave::dothewave:
  11. Proud to serve!

  12. OK, if you are Sgt Roo, we have Colonel Jag, then I guess I am on permanent KP hoping for the front lines... :graucho:
  13. This is a utopian Army... there really are no ranks! JUST BAGS and lots and lots of credit card bills! :p
  14. YEAH! I'M WITH YOU TOO! OH!!! Can I be the one who offers advice and helps out about leather maintenance and cleaning? I LOVE that sort of stuff and I am working on my own fragrance-free super conditioners & polishes too. I have worked in the leather industry for 12 years :shocked: OMG! Has it been that long?
  15. That is super cool!

    While we are on the subject, what do you suggest I use to clean and condition my leather sectional??? :p