The baby Pap that comes with the Pap 30..

  1. Ladies, am trying to get a hold of the baby pap that comes with the Pap 30 originally....but want it just by itself....can this be had just by itself? Am trying to get one but the SA on the phone says cannot be done????

    Am trying to reach the manager at a particular store, she is off need your help???? Where can I get one and for how much??????
  2. You should be able to buy it separately. It retails for around $280 or $285, I think.

  3. YES!!! Thank you...but I forgot to mention that I needed in Dami...but it shouldnt matter right???

    Oh and do you think that it is a good idea to use it as a cell phone/ sunglasses holder having it attached around the straps outside of a bag for convenience???? Is it tacky????:shrugs:
  4. Oh, cute! That would make a great clubbing/dinner wrislet.

  5. :yes: Great idea!! Thank you!!!