The Ava Satchel!

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  1. Hi dear,

    It's in misty rose ❤️. I also like it with the white Pom.
    Actually I am thinking what the difference between blossom and blush Color?
    Do anyone happen to have this 2 Color?
  2. My first Ava small stud, I'm in love.
    Color : Dusty Blue 20171020_075908.jpg
  3. I love it! Congrats on such a beauty!
  4. Thank you
    , this my first saffiano leather too even my daughter (8yo) like it
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  5. Handbag taste is genetic
    I do love my MK bags in saffiano. Just be careful of color transfer on dark denim.
  6. Black medium Ava from limited Rory collection (with lion head) in smooth leather. Would you keep it?

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  7. Oooh!!! I loved the Rory embellished collection. The lion in sunglasses was too cute. I didn’t know the Ava was in this collection. The Ginny version was a had to have piece for me. I love how that bag works for me and how much hardware was on it. The bronze was a nice touch from the usual silver or gold.

    This Rory Ava is very simply styled compared to the other pieces in the collection. So, does that appeal to your style? And do you like the functionality of the Ava? For me, the Ava is a very cute bag, but doesn’t work for my life.

    It’s a pretty bag, for sure, thanks for sharing!