The Ava Satchel!

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  1. small
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  2. Thanks It looks great on you.
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  3. Congratulations, it looks great on you I love the shape of the Ava and bought a similar KS but it was much smaller and didn't have the top handle (which suited it since the bag was so tiny). What colour is the hardware?
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  4. Looks great on you! :smile:
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  5. silver
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  6. so i finally ordered the ava in plum but i'm not sure about the colour.. this colour doesn't look soooo good in normal saffiano.. i love the patent saffiano look more but the ava doesn't come with the patent one in plum only in red which looks also great .. so what do you think about this bag and colour? it is difficult to capture the colour.. i'm afraid that it would be too boring as saffiano is so mat and the colour so dark (i have a lot of dark bags)..shall i maybe buy it in red patent saffiano? normally i looooove the plum colour but on a saffiano bags it looks different or? 20170324_235124.jpg 20170324_235117.jpg 20170324_234154.jpg 20170324_234148.jpg
  7. I really would keep the bag. I love the style of the Ava and plum is a gorgeous color. It's not boring at all. I also think it looks good in saffiano leather.
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  8. I've had the same feelings as you and just kept nodding my head as I read your post. I loved plum this past season but wasnt impressed with the color in saffiano. Also, I love the patent saffiano on my avas. I will say that I usually like patent and shine in general. But I feel the shape of the Ava really benefits from glossy material. It gives it a more timeless feel IMO.

    The plum saffiano is pretty. I'm sure it will look amazing with the pastels of spring. But if it doesn't fit what you expected, then don't feel obligated to keep it. I do feel it might be a limited color and hard to find again if that matters to you. But it may be replaced by another rich purple that you like more. Keep what makes you happy to use.
  9. The colour that I'm seeing in your pictures was the same colour that made me impulse-buy the plum saffiano wallet off eBay. I really thought the plum had a reddish undertone, so when I saw it for the first time, I felt really disappointed. To me, it's a dark, dull purple. It would look nice in Autumn and Winter, but sadly we have neither in the tropics. It does look like a very professional colour, so I could see myself taking the wallet with me to work, but I could never make myself carry it since I just couldn't get over my dislike of the colour. Since you're considering the patent red Ava, I'm guessing you want a pop of colour over a dreary purple, and plum is rather gloomy when compared to bright or cherry red. I've never bought a patent bag, so I don't have any experience to speak from there.

    To be honest, I would have sent my wallet right back if I could, and I couldn't of course having bought it on eBay :sad: I still have not grown to love this colour, and its been a good few months (I bought it some time close to the end of last year). It's just too dull to me somehow, even though I would have no hesitation in buying a black wallet. On the other hand, my mother absolutely adored it from the first time she laid eyes on it, so I've happily abandoned ownership :smile: I don't know if you'll ever grow to love the colour since it seems as though our initial reactions were similar. If colours grow on you after a while, you could give it a shot, but if it wasn't love at first sight (like patent red), then I would say to exchange it for the one that you needed no convincing for.
  10. Hey guys, I'm so sad that MK's website does not offer this ava bag in gray or light pink anymore. Do I have other options other than ebay? And does anyone know if or when he will release more colours? (I'm in canada).
  11. Woohoo! :yahoo::yahoo: My very first - BUT not last MK Ava small leather in Black with GHW! :cloud9: I love it so much I am now on the hunt for one in Blue & Beige / Cream (not sure what the exact color is called?). :love: I purchased the pom pom Key charm just for her! :lol: I couldn't decided which charm so I purchased a heap of different ones from my local Handbag store! :heart: Only the One Handbag Store sells Key charms? Lucky it's near me! I will add pics of those in the other Thread for Charms. And of coarse I have my LV Key charms as well! :heart:

    MK Ava.jpg
  12. Oh my gosh! I love it, they're gorgeous together! :loveeyes:
  13. I have seen those colors for sale on eBay? I am not sure what size you want BUT they are on eBay. Nothing wrong with purchasing from eBay just post your request on the ATMK Thread & the wonderful MK Authenicator will evaluate it for you so you don't end up with a Fake. :yes:
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  14. Love the color pop of your pom with the black Ava.!!:heart: MK has come out with a beige neutral called Fawn. I think you can find an Ava in that color!!
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  15. I am waiting for the same seller to list one in fawn? :love: She has it in the Medium size (and has listed ones in the small size) but I love the small size. I don't want anything else that is bigger. The electric blue is hard to find I have been checking every day so I guess patience is the key! :girlsigh: