The Ava Satchel!

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  1. Sometimes you have to cyber stalk the ones that are hard to find.:graucho:
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    i just bought this small celadon (reminds me of the tiffany color) for 130, not sure if i should keep or return, a little worried the light color will get dirty, how has the color held up for everyone? any yellowing?
  3. I have had a Savannah in this color since July and it still looks good.
  4. I have a dusty blue ava for a few months now and the color looks still great. There has been no transfer at all, although I am carrying her a lot. Would definitely keep the bag, it's a great deal!
  5. Is your Ava made of patent leather? Mine are just regular saffiano, and there's no change in colour or yellowing at all. They're also light coloured (blush), and I haven't seen any unremovable dirt sticking on them. A quick wipedown with a baby wipe whenever you notice any dirt is enough to keep the bag clean.
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  6. Not sure how the color will hold up, but wanted to chime in on how beautiful it is.
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  7. Just got my First Ava! I purchased online so I didn't have a good idea of what the color would be like since it's fairly new.. it looks just like Dusty Rose to me.... I'm not sure if I love it or not.
  8. Oh my goodness! Is this Fawn? I love how the colour looks in your pic!
  9. Yes this is Fawn! :smile:
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  10. Oh, what a lovely color!!
  11. Look so pretty! i think Ava suits all these lovely colors so well, just it's shape ... GL deciding!
  12. My first mk Ava
    In love!!! Looking for cherry red.
  13. It's so lovely, congrats
  14. Yay :biggrin: thank you! I really love the style and so.. :biggrin: so I'm also looking another one. Intending to purchase medium this time round heheheh
  15. I'm in love! What a gorgeous colour, and I love the white pom against it! Which colour is this? Cherry is a wintery colour, so it should be coming up soon. I haven't been keeping track of the colours recently.