The Audra Club

  1. I could't find a club for my Audra to join so I guess she'll have to start one herself. Here she is my beautiful black MC Audra
    142-4243_IMG.JPG 142-4241_IMG.JPG
  2. I have a Black Audra too. Love her!
    IMG_3114.jpg going to work.jpg
  3. ^^^ Hey rileygirl! Glad you joined now Audra won't feel lonely anymore!;)
  4. I know VuittonAmour has one because she helped me decide to get mine. How old is your Audra? She looks hot with the patina!
  5. She's 2 1/2. I got her on holiday in Bangkok. You know I really love this bag but don't see many around. She's so spacious for a little bag. We'll have to ask VuittonAmour to post hers. This is a tiny club:flowers:

    By the way, you have really great taste you also have the black neo cabby like I. He he!!:yahoo:

    How's the baby bump? Is that your second baby? I have 2 kids - an 11 year old girl (she already has her first couple of LV bags!!:nuts:) and an 8 year old boy (he carries his dad's old LV wallet).
  6. Baby Bump is BIG. I have an 11 year old step son who "likes LV more than Coach because they have more things" (direct quote) and the 18 month old princess who loves bags, jewelry, bling.

    I have never seen anyone carrying an Audra. I don't know why she's not more popular. She does carry a lot but I guess she is a tad bit heavy. I feel sorry for her because since I got the Black Neo Cabby I use Cabby and Audra sits in the dust bag.
  7. love the audra's...jazzie has one in white...after seeing her white one it is on my wish list...the cabby is gorgeous another one on my list....great taste in handbags ladies!!!
  8. [​IMG]
  9. OOOOh! Our first white Audra! Isn't she a beauty?:love:
  10. Yes, you won't wrong with White Audra :smile:
  11. Does anyone know when did LV introduce the beautiful Audra bag?
  12. ^^I think it was 2004?
  13. Thank you LoVer!
  14. I got this bag in white a few months ago & I love her. She holds so much!
  15. Woow very nice, the handles turned to a creamy color. am waiting for my bag to change its color to creamy:rolleyes: