The 4- and 6- key holders

  1. Ok, some of you may have read my post a few days ago about getting a tie for my boyfriend's I've changed my mind and I'm considering getting him a key holder instead.

    My question is, can you fit more than one key on each hook? If so, let's say, I have one key each on four of the hooks, but two keys on each other the other two hooks, will the key holder be very...bulky? Is this key holder very slim or has reasonable amount of space inside so that the bulge created by the keys won't wreck the canvas?

    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Louis Vuitton, Multicles 6 Damier, key case, accessor

    Let's say he wants to put a car key inside the holder. If he puts his key in the ignition and leaves it on the key holder (so car key in ignition with the key holder and the rest of the keys dangling off of it) will it be very heavy and annoying? Too big of an item hanging off the ignition??

  2. Bumping for you. I have wondered about these too. How do they work with car fobs, it seems like it could get really bulky?
  3. Yes, sorry I don't have one!?! I use the cles instead!
  4. I have the Taiga 4 key holders. It can hold max 6 keys I reckon. As for car keys it'll depend on how bulky it is, my DH's car key has a remote control incorporate in it, it's too bulky to use this. That's why I use his for my house keys:P. I've attached two pics, one of it shows you there's not much room once it's buttoned up. As for the weight, don't attach too many keys, right now it's not heavy.
    Picture 036.jpg Picture 037.jpg
  5. On my epi six key holder, I can only get one key per ring. With the fob on my car key, I cannot fit that key into the key holder.
  6. How do you get a key out of the hook?
  7. ^^^ Pull it out of the open end (top) which is not that easy to do!
  8. Thanks for the info and pics Lee!!
  9. I have the mono and i attached my car key but it doesn't fit inside, so this is how i keep mine

  10. I bought a prada one cause it was on HUGE sale but i never got the chance to use it cause i still prefer to use key chains
  11. Thanks, but I think I prefer LV :smile:

    UGHHH the boyfriend is so hard to please...he said something today that made it sound like he doesn't ever want to own anything LV...blah blah blah. Maybe I'll go with simplicity and just buy him clothes for his bday.

    We agreed no Christmas gifts this year...bc he was going to get me a gift card at Holt Renfrew, and we like setting a little limit so neither of us go overboard. Since I'll know what's the "limit", I might as well save the money and buy myself a bag later.

  12. The SA showed my sister how to do it, and when she gave it to me, I just had her add my keys. I just hope I don't have to take off a key. I will be in trouble. :confused1:
  13. I can easily fit two keys on one hook, so not to worry!
  14. How many keys you can fit into each "ring" depends on what kind of key you're looking at... if you're looking at car keys that usually have a thicker plastic casing around the "main" part of the key.. it is quite an effort to get it into the "ring/hook" to begin with and I would say you'd only fit one in there.

    If you're looking at the thinner metal keys for house, mailbox, etc. I think you can fit more into each "ring/hook".

    But I think the issue with these holders is how much can you fit in the entire thing (like not per hook), but how many can you put in there and still be able to snap it shut and not have it pop open?

    I have a Chanel 6-key one and I fit house key, car key, work cabinet/drawer key, and a small charm. (Yes, I realize the small charm has no practical use whatsoever and it takes up room inside the key holder.) It dangles from the ignition no problem, not too heavy.

    I think the main pro about the key holder above a cles is that the holder covers all the keys so when I put it into my handbag, the keys are covered and unable to scratch anything up.