The 11 Most Absurd "N-o-o-o-o" Scenes in Movies

  1. How do you convey uncontrollable anger, crippling terror, or gut-wrenching anguish? Don't ask these guys—they only give one-word answers.


    11. Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
    What Sets It Apart: This scene—and the Star Wars series in general—easily set the standard for all "n-o-o-o" scenes to follow.
    Why We Love It: Few things are funnier than watching kids (or grown men who act like kids) cry. His blubbering realization is supposed to be one of the biggest plot twists ever, but it cracks us up every time.

    10. Spider-Man 2
    What Sets It Apart: The most frightening weapons of any villain on the big screen: man boobs.
    Why We Love It: We respect Doc Ock´s careful consideration of his possibilities before baying like a professional wrestler. But really, we just wanted another chance to make fun of his man boobs.

    9. Along Came Polly
    What Sets It Apart: Five words: Flab, chest hair, and sweat.
    Why We Love It: Ok, ok, so he´s really saying "O-h-h-h," but we´re sure he means "N-o-o-o." (Judge for yourself every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on USA Network!)

    8. Evil Dead II
    What Sets It Apart: Ash´s own severed hand stabs Bobbie Joe in the back with a bone knife, making the whole scenario worthy of a Shakespearean play.
    Why We Love It: Bruce Campbell is the undisputed king of overacting, and this is one perfect example of why.
  2. 7. Problem Child
    What Sets It Apart: This movie is almost impossible to sit through, but it features a rare non-Seinfeld appearance by Michael Richards that doesn´t involve the liberal use of racial slurs.
    Why We Love It: Remember that thing about watching kids cry? Still holds up.

    6. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
    What Sets It Apart: Elijah Wood´s inherent cowardice makes it extremely believable. Plus, it has an old man falling off a cliff, which you don´t usually see outside America´s Funniest Home Videos.
    Why We Love It: Because we hate hobbits. OK, guess if we had a powerful wizard companion that suddenly went plunging to his death, we´d be a little upset, too. But still—suck it, Frodo.

    5. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
    The security guard/steamroller scene
    What Sets It Apart: Unlike earlier entries, this one´s not to be taken seriously. It´s just nice to know that, in at least this case, our snickering was called for.
    Why We Love It: In its own way, this entry pokes fun at the other scenes on the list, which makes our job that much easier. F:cursing:ck, we´re lazy.

    4. The Fast and the Furious
    What Sets It Apart: Fast cars and a rapper we haven´t thought about since 2002.
    Why We Love It: What would you yell if you were about to lose a race for which the prize is a threesome with two hot women?
  3. 3. Sexy Beast
    What Sets It Apart: Recognizing the vast overuse of the long, extended "n-o-o-o," Ben Kingsley opts instead for the machine-gun approach.
    Why We Love It: Kingsley goes bat sh:cursing:t, and we could watch it all day.

    2. The Devil´s Advocate
    What Sets It Apart: Suicide, fire, and a naked redhead. Why are you still reading this?
    Why We Love It: It´s hard to find fault with Al Pacino, even when he hams it up as the over-the-top singing and dancing ruler of the underworld.
    Actually, if he couldn´t command flames at the drop of a hat, he´d be a pretty sh:cursing:tty devil.

    1. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
    What Sets It Apart: James Earl Jones, *****!
    Why We Love It: For at least one moment, cinema´s greatest bad guy shows some vulnerability. Plus, Jones´ golden baritone adds some class to the "N-o-o-o-o" genre. Still sucks, though.
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