The 07 leather Legacy swingpack

  1. Does anyone know why Coach did not make more of these after they sold out? They sold out so quickly and it was such a hot seller, I thought for sure they would appear again on the website but nada. Once in a great while I'll see one on eBay but never in camel. I owned the camel one last Fall and then dummy me returned it. I want that bag back! :crybaby: Once Coach sells out of particular bags, do they just not make anymore? Does anyone else have regrets about this bag? Either didn't buy it and wish that you did or you can't find it now and really want one? :shrugs:
  2. anyone???:shrugs:
  3. Picture?
  4. I can't find a picture. :sad: They came out in leather..whiskey, black, camel I believe and the chocolate sig and khaki sig with black trim. They had a zipper across the front with a big turnlock pocket. It looked a lot like the new 08 Legacy pouches only with one pocket instead of two. They came out last summer/fall I believe and sold out rather quickly. the sig was $178 and the leather ones were $198. oh!!! let me do a seach....
  5. Yeah...I don't know why they would stop either. Maybe they were more expensive because of the hardware? There are certain styles of bags that I love, that are classy (IMO) and for some reason disappear.
  6. here it is!!!!!!! I really wish I could find one..

  7. Is this the one? style 40725 from drilldown
  8. I have a whiskey on and love it! With the pocket in the front it is such a great swingpack. I can fit a camera and other things in the pocket, then there is plenty of room on the inside. I regret not getting one in another color!
  9. I LOVE that bag!!
  10. Here's mine in Whiskey. LOVE it! All the interior has the legacy stripe.
    legacy1.jpg legacy2.jpg legacy3.jpg legacy4.jpg legacy5.jpg
  11. Very cute!!!!:love:
  12. Wow! That is super cute!! I missed that one completely, don't remember it at all. If you find one, post photos of course.:smile:
  13. I'm on a search. I could just kick myself for returning it last Fall.:cursing: They sold out rather quickly I just don't understand why Coach didn't make more???!!!:shrugs:
  14. I have this one in black leather. The selling point was the legacy lining. I wanted a signature one, but my husband wanted me to get the leather, since I didn't have a Coach leather bag yet. I love this bag! The website showed a white strap with the black bag, but mine is black. The whiskey is a nice colour too!
  15. Wow - Karen, that swingpack is GORGEOUS!!! I completely missed this one, too! Maybe they'll make another one for the new season? Good luck finding one, mom2boyz!!