"That's why you shouldn't carry a purse!!!"

  1. Okkkkk, I was at Target tonight picking up a giftcard for a little birthday girl.

    I approached the line with this little kid in front of me, he look about 6. But anyways, I guess he was standing in line waiting for his dad, cuz when the person in front of him was done paying, he was screaming "DAD!!!" , then he started to run off and look for his dad.

    As he turned around to go out of the line, he RAN into my bag that was on my shoulder.

    This kid actually turned back with a NASTY little atittude and he said " YOUR BAG JUST SCRATCHED ME IN THE FACE! :rant: THAT'S WHY YOU SHOULDN'T CARRY A PURSE!!"

    ...I was shocked. Now, I like kids, but when they're bratty...u can't blame me.

    As the bigger person i should of just laughed it off and ignored him or what not,

    but instead, I'm not that MUCH older than him.

    I said " Well, maybe you should watch where you're going?!?!"

    :yucky: :shrugs:

    He then gave me this dirty little look, ( gosh I wonder where he inherited his personality from??) and ran off.

    Right after I took my receipt, I heard his voice from near by saying " Daddy!!! That girl hurt me!!"

    I didn't bother. I just went on my way.

    What a punk little kid.

  2. :lol: Sorry for laughing, it's just funny. Trust me, I would probably have said the same exact thing as you did. Some kids can be real bratty and go make up stories to their parents, then the parents get mad, then you have to explain the whole story to someone who only believes their kid.....that's how it typically goes(in my experience, anyways.)
  3. Huh, you were way too nice LMAO

    I would have told them that if he scratched my bag, he needs to pay for it!
  4. you should've told the dad that his kid hurt your bag!!!
  5. LMAO.

    I thought I might of did the wrong thing bc I am the adult here.

    He was realy mean.:yucky:
  6. Ugh. I hate nasty, rude kids. One time, I was at the supermarket and a little girl was on one of those motorized shopping carts for people who need help getting around. She was DRIVING it, ramming it into the wall over and over and over. There was no one around, so I had no choice but to say something. So I said, "Hey! You need to stop that and get off that cart. It's NOT a toy!!!" That girl gave me the most searing glare. Then, later when I was standing in the checkout line, someone pushed me from behind and said "Oh, excuse me." I looked, and it was that girl!! She shoved me to get back at me for telling her to stop messing around with the cart. What a little pest.
  7. That kid sounds like such a brat! I would have said the same thing (or worse lol.)
  8. You are so much better behaved than me!! :smile: Hope your bag is ok!!!:yes:
  9. Ugh I hate bratty kids....I would've probably said something worse LOL
  10. Bratty kids are horrible. I was shopping yesterday at TJMaxx with my kids and we had one carriage and went to the childrens section and there were about 5 kids together (all way under 10)each pushing their own empty shopping cart and they kept hitting into me and my cart. I tried to tell them to be careful and they thought it was funny. I wondered where their parents were. There were alot of old people shopping and I was worried they might really hurt someone. A worker on the floor hanging things up saw me with them and just rolled her eyes, I thought why don't you yell at them. Needless to say I got out of there as quick as possible.
  11. dang, that was a real rude kid... well, it's good that you just went your way.. no reason to converse with ppl like that....
  12. LOL poor thing! i think you were actually nice considering the situation. i miht have remarked your face just scuffed up my bag, thats why you should WATCH where you're going!
  13. I can't stand bratty kids! The worst is when their parents are with them and the kid is acting up the the parent just asks them to stop doing whatever and the kid keeps doing it and the parents just keeps asking them to stop but that's all they do about it. I just want to smack the parents because it's their fault their kids are such brats and they don't seem to care.
  14. I can't stand kids. Especially when they don't watch where they're going. How rude of that kid! If some kid ran into my bag I probably would of smacked him in the face with it.
  15. I love kids but this one sounds like a little rugrat! lol..I can't believe he said that though as if he knows what the heck he was talking about??