That's my bag! Can anyone relate?

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  1. Do you know that moment when that new designer, who only you know about, starts to appear on others? The feeling is a mix of self assurance, for being one of few in the know, and disappointment (what is she doing with MY bag). For me it started when I began sporadically seeing my self proclaimed discovery, Michelle Vale handbags, on various fashionistas here in New York City. When I purchased my first MV bag back in early summer, I could go weeks before seeing it on others. While I knew I wasn't the only one in the world with a bag.. I did like to think I had the east coast covered!! When women started asking me who the designer was, I almost felt like lying.. but couldn't bring myself to do it of course (us purse lovers must help one another). This week, during fashion week here in New York, I have seen more than a dozen women carrying her bags! I still love my MV bags... I just don't feel so smug. The same thing happened when I started wearing Jill Stuart a couple of years ago!

    Can anyone relate?
  2. No one in my area carries Mulberry, but I saw a girl with MY Phoebe bag last week! Her was black and mine is brown, but it was MY bag! hahaha
  3. I live in an area where pretty much the only authentic bags you see are Coach and the occasional LV. I think if I saw someone carrying something like HH or Goldenbleu I'd be more intrigued than anything else...
  4. I live in the 'burbs just north of Houston, and every woman carries either a Coach or a Dooney. So I love to sport my Rebecca Minkoff or Hayden Harnetts, as if it's my little secret. Well I was at the mall a couple weeks ago, on the up escalator, and there was a girl on the down escalator, carrying an HH Nico! My first ever HH sighting in Houston. I wanted to chase after her and ask if she was on tpf!
  5. Where I live most women either carry Esprit or Friis&Company or GGL bags so I really needn't worry about an overdose of Burberry or LV in the streets... there is an occasional (i.e. about four times a year) LV bag but that's mostly worn by tourists and Burberry can only be seen on some Japanese women - tourists as well.
    What really bothers me are the fakes, mostly D&G and LV - and all of them bad, bad, bad, you can tell from a 100 m distance... :cursing:
  6. It doesn't happen that often to me, but I like seeing something different around KC than the standard Coach or Dooney.... It makes me feel better that I'm not the only one into purses (one of the reasons I love this site!)

    I actually get more joy when my husband will notice a designer bag on someone & correctly identify it! It means he was actually paying attention when I go on & on about this bag or that bag...

  7. Is this REALLY ever the case?
  8. I can totally relate... in fact I too have noticed more and more MV bags in Manhattan this week too(perhaps one of them was carried by you!). I know the feeling Shelby... . Here's a little celeb picture summary (including your cool avatar) that points to how popular Michelle Vale handbags are about to become! At least you, like me, will know you were one of the originals!!
    KateMV.jpg Cameron.jpg Russell porschla.jpg
  9. I carry LV, but almost exclusively LE items, so it's rare that I see someone else with my bag. If I do, I get kind of annoyed--like, it was so hard for ME to find one of these ______ bags, how did SHE get one????
  10. Most of the stuff I see in my area are Coach/D&B and a whole lot of fake LV/Coach/D&B. In fact the only other person that I've ever seen with a bag like mine is a friend that I sold it to, lol