That darn daughter is playing with the computer again.

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  1. I sold an LV bandeau the other day - then buyer contacted me a few days later saying "I see that I bought something from you - but I didn't know it. I left my laptop open and my daughter must have played with it."

    Oh really? Did your daughter also click 'contact member' and send me a message saying 'Will you accept a bank money transfer.' after the purchase? That's one savy little girl.

    Aaaargh (oh well - relisted and it sold the next day :p)
  2. lol - this is a common one.:yes:
    Very clever, kids,

    I had a message from a seller once with quite a bossy tone to it, saying i had to pay immediately or risk Neg f/b - then another message followed a few hours later saying that it was their son who wrote the 1st one and that they were sorry if i was alarmed!:biggrin::

    Mind you, i've caught my 4 yr old son placing £10000 bids on fishing items..and i don't even fish:wtf::nuts:
    Luckily he doesn't (yet) know how to click 'confirm bid':graucho:
  3. I don't doubt kids CAN do it - my 3 year old is computer crazy!!!
    If he ever did buy anything I would just have to pay for it because no one would believe my story LOL
  4. LOLOL!!!! I do hope you reported that person as a nonpaying bidder, though.
  5. Just do the "immediate payment required" and that will solve your problems! :nuts:
  6. Oh geez...just like "my 4 year old daughter removed the Tyvek tag" that someone else got the other day. :rolleyes:
  7. You would think that if people have to use a running joke cliche excuse for not paying for/sending eBay items, that they would at least have the common decency to go with the heart attack.

    That woman not only has no imagination, she has no respect for eBay tradition!

    The little brother ( in this case, daughter ) was messing with my computer and I am so pissed I really let him/her have it, too is just too IRC, too AOL chatroom, too IM, and WAY too 14 year old boy in an internet cafe in Bucharest.

    Wt ru wering ledi? u got on thong now? i lik ur big titzz. wanna cyber?
  8. I wonder if its the same woman who made an offer on my bag. I accepted and then she said her daughter made the offer and she couldn't afford to pay for it...
    classic story i guess.
  9. There must be scope for an eBay 'worst excuses' collection sometime soon . . .!
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. Ya - I sometimes do that -- but I also accept money orders so that won't work. I remember once my paypal wasn't working for a few days and I know how some people can be with putting their money info on line - if I really want something to sell I try as many options as I can.

    The lady told me her daughter was 15 - a LITTLE more believable...
  12. Then I hope the four-year-old enjoys her new bag since it can no longer be returned! :roflmfao: