1. what is every one doing for thankgiving any plans or ideas
  2. plans appeared to have changed in my household as bf just got a new job (again) at Microsoft and will be starting in two weeks, initially planned to go to Vegas but that may not happen now.. so that sucks.. I was hoping to go to the Hermes store....... sheeezeee
  3. We don't have any family around so some holidays are a bit lonely. Luckily I think my close friend and her family might come...I love a house full of people at holidays so it can be a bit of a drag when it's just us.
  4. Im going to my sisters in N Carolina....
  5. I'm working so I can be off for Christmas, that's the sucky thing about the medical profession---it's 365 days a year, 24 hours a day! No holidays for sick people, Plus I hate to say this but holidays are often busy for my transplant unit due to the heavy travelling, drinking, etc. Our odds of getting donors goes up.
  6. I'm going to be at BF's in MD with his family as usual.
  7. Going to My b/f's parents.
  8. Not sure this year. I doubt I'll get enough time to travel back and forth to California to see my family. I think my parents will probably just come here and have Thanksgiving in my tiny Chicago apartment. My SO will probably be in town as well so it will be a cozy little Thanksgiving!
  9. Well-I usually do Thanksgiving dinner here for my husband's entire family and that is quite the crowd. This year, our niece in law (she is married to hubby's nephew) wrote to me asking if she could do Thanksgiving at her house this year since she wants to be able to invite her brother and sister-i said sure. So, it looks like we are all going there.

    Shu-they live in Plainview-I could always skip having Thanksgiving at their place if you will be putting on a nice spread.:drool:
  10. I'm gonna go home and SLEEP! Haha!!! No, seriously, I've been so sick these past couple of days that it's gonna help me a lot of I get some rest.

    Oh, and our "Thanksgiving" (Action de Grâces) is this weekend hehe.
  11. I'm going to my parents house w/the hubby, kids & mom-in-law for Thanksgiving this Monday. (Canada's Thanksgiving Day)
  12. i am so avoiding the holiday subject as long as humanly possible. i don't think it's normal to anticipate january so much. :smile:

    *im* going to my parents on thanksgiving day...whether that's the only thanksgiving dinner i'll have that day/week :sick: and whether i go alone or not is up to my husband i guess.
  13. October 09 is Canadian Thanksgiving. It's not so much a big deal here, but I'm probably going to my Aunt Mary's.

    I really want to go home for Thanksgiving, but that's not a definite possiblity right now. (My parents want to save their miles for when I come home for Christmas.)

  14. same here. my husband and I are all alone so its kinda lonely...but we are planning on driving to san francisco for the long weekend.
  15. My mother will be hosting my family and my fiancee's whole family for the first time! It is our first holiday since we've been engaged and our families want to spend it together- I'm so happy we won't have to go from one house to another this year!