Thanks Vlad

  1. Over at PurseBlog, we started a new series called Closet Confessionals in which we examine how readers and TPFers afford their bag addictions. Read about it in this intro article and submit your own confessional here. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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  1. Just wanted to give Vlad a great big shout out...Thank You for the MJ subforum. Love Love Love it alreday!!!!!:love::love:
  2. I'll toast to that. Thank you, Vlad!
  3. Whoo hoooo!!!! Love MJ bags, thanks for the subforum Vlad!
  4. Thanks Vlad!
  5. Thank you so much Vlad.
  6. THANK YOU! I love having all the MJ info in one convenient spot!
  7. You've made me very happy Vlad:smile:
  8. Wooo I just noticed this. Awesome. Thanks Vlad & Megs! I love MJ's looks.
  9. Thanks Vlad!
  10. No joke! Not an easy job.
  11. Thank you, Vlad! This new subforum will be very much appreciated!
  12. I'd like to say thank you as well. You're the best, Vlad!
  13. Thanks, such a good idea!
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