Thanks to Megs, this came in the mail...

  1. ... :P. This is a looong over due post. Ever since I saw Meg's little pig key ring, I had to have it. :nuts: And dear sweet Megs got it on my behalf within the same week and shipped it all way to Singapore! :yahoo:
    BV Ostrich Keyring.jpg
  2. And when I sent my Veneta in for conditioning last week, guess what came home with me? :graucho:
  3. Okay, enough of my frivolity :rolleyes: I found a pal for my ostrich piggy key ring. A piggy phone charm! :upsidedown:
    BV Ostrich Pigs.jpg
  4. Last pic (promise), family of designer pigs. Thanks for letting me share my silliness!!! :lol: :flowers:

    Have a great week ahead everyone! :smile:
    Designer Pigs.jpg
  5. oh, wow they are soooo cute. congrats, you lucky thing
  6. How great is that, a global traveling pig!
  7. OMFG - they have a piggy phone charm! So cute!!!
  8. that is so cute. enjoy them ms piggy.
  9. So sweet. Enjoy!
  10. so cute, congrats!!
  11. So cute,cant wait to go to BV in London this week...
  12. adorable!
  13. OMG, your little pig family is SOOO adorable!! :lol:

    Megs is awesome. I see so many cute piggie things around, it must be hard for you to resist all of your choices are lovely.

    May I ask how how your :heart: of pigs came about? Is it by any chance your chinese astrological sign (boar)?
  14. How sweet of Megs! I love your portable petting zoo!
  15. ms piggy, they are the cutest! Isn't Megs sweet?