THANKS TO BELJWL and you all~!

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  1. Hi,,,....

    I am actually kinda new to GUCCI forum...
    I am into Balenciagas and Chanels and some LVs (and FENDI and CHLOE and YSl....etc) but I have abandoned GUCCi......since 2000....

    GUCCI is my mom's favorite and 80% of her stuff are GUCCIs....and I was always borrowing her stuff when I was living with her, so I kinda wanted something new, when I moved mout on my own~! ^^

    But when I saw the INDY bags on those celebs..I realized what I was missing out! GUCCI is HOT!

    and with all your help......I bought the brown GUCCISSIMA INDY LARGE PURSE for ownly around 1600 dollars....! 20% off with the promo code on top of their lowered price~! Can you believe that?

    I will post pics when I get it.. THANKS BELJWL~!
  2. it's a really nice bag, and you will not regret it! don't forget to post pix!