Thanks to all the MJ ladies!

  1. I've been a lurker for waaay too long without posting (this is actually my 1st!), but all you ladies on the MJ forum just helped me buy my 1st Marc Jacobs--a multipocket (in oatmeal?)! I bought it off a girl on Craigslist whose boyfriend is making her sell her bags, and after asking her for all the standard authentication pictures that I learned about on here (zipper heads and pulls, nameplate, lining color etc) her actual response was: "Can I just say: oh my goodness, you know your bags!!"

    I told her I had a friend who was a Marc Jacobs expert ;).

    Anyways, don't know how much posting I'll do in the future, but thank you all so much for your expertise! TPF rocks!!!
  2. Wow, congratulations on your new Oatmeal MP!! Is there any chance you can post pics?
  3. Yeah! I'll do that later tonight. My boyfriend actually picked it up for me and is driving it over soon... but boys don't seem to understand the urgency of situations like this, you know? :sad:
  4. congrats! and yes, pics please- I'm sure its gorgeous!
  5. Congrats on your first MJ! MP is a great choice for 1st MJ :yes:
  6. wow!! Can't wait to see your pics! Congratulations on your new MJ... ok boyfriend, hurry up already!

    Welcome and I hope to see you more on here!
  7. Okay, here are pictures for you all! I'm totally in love with it!! I'm a little worried about the light color, but am planning on getting some Apple leather care stuff.

    Man, this bag has opened a whole can of worms--what's really bad is that next year I'm going to be living down the street from the MJ boutique, and I hear they have some pretty killer sales there... :graucho:
    IMG_1360.jpg IMG_1362.jpg IMG_1363.jpg
  8. It's gorgeous!! Congratulations!
  9. Beautiful!! I love the pics, she looks great on you.
  10. Gorgeous!!!! That loks fab on you!!! Congrats!!!! I hear ya on the can of worms..the pf can have that effect on you!!!! Enjoy your new beauty!!!
  11. Congrats!! The MP looks beautiful on you!!!
  12. Congrats on your first MJ! It looks fabulous on you!
  13. Congrats! :yahoo: You look fabulous with your new MP! That's the perfect 1st choice for you. How exciting that you're going to live near an MJ boutique soon. You'll have to be sure to post about all the great sales they have. :yes:
  14. Thanks so much!!! Everyone here is so nice!!
  15. Congrats!