thanks for the help--check out my decision here!


Mar 16, 2010
ladies, thank you so much for helping me make a decision--i couldn't decide on an agenda, or a mini pouchette or saving for a speedy... well, i did get the mini pouchette in azur (i cannot figure out how to post a picture for the life of me!)

but then my DH who was with me, knowing that i planned on getting the speedy in the future, just kind of talked me into getting it today! OMG i was so not prepared, and planned on getting a speedy 30 but walked out with a mono speedy 35! ahhhhh!!!!! i've wanted it for ages!!!! :yahoo:

very happy now... wanted to share!


Dec 15, 2009
WOW! Congrats to you & what a wonderful DH you have!!!

To post pics, after you upload your photos to your computer, just go to the "quick reply" box of this thread and click "go advanced". You can then attach photos and we'll be able to see!