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  1. thanks to swanky mama of three for closing my thread --

    i just needed some help! i know you are all experts with purses & this is the only place i figured i could get it... i've searched the internet & i can't find another great forum

    so i just wanted to say thanks a lot for your help.
    if anyone can help me out, please pm me.
  2. Sherry:

    We have a special area of the forum SPECIFICALLY for your question: "Authenticate This" is the name of the subforum. Swanky is only doing her job by keeping unnecessary threads out of the forum so it stays clutter-free--specifically, a thread trying to authenticate a Dooney and Bourke bag in the COACH forum. Please post your question in the Authenticate This subforum, and the experts there will be happy to help you.

    Here is a link to the Authentication subforum.

    If you will notice, At the top of the Coach Forum, Vlad posted a "READ ME" Notice about authentication threads. You'll find it here:

    Good luck with getting your bag authenticated.
  3. The Dooney And Bourke Authenticate This forum is also missing. So I can see where she's lost
  4. ^^If you read Vlad's announcement about the Authenticate This, you will see the "Authenticate This" subforum link in it-- and he says anything not listed in the AUthenticate This list he posted, you can post there for authentification. :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.