Thank you, tPFers!

  1. Thank you tPFers for being so supportive! :yahoo:

    If someone yells at another gal, it always to warn her she is being used by a SA or BF.

    I participate in another board for my job. I hate that board. But I get useful info, like which nationwide companies have started to pay low and slow. But the participants are mostly men and they rip each other to shreds.

    An example

    My industry uses software that uses specific printer language. Only a few HP printers can handle it.

    A guy recently posted a question on the forum. His HP1300 was misbehaving and he wanted tips on how to fix it.

    Around a dozen guys called him stupid for not buying a fancier printer.

    I have that printer. It is a total workhorse - built like a tank. I love it.

    I told the guy how to fix his printer. And I got called stupid, too.

    Thank you, rPFers! :love:
  2. You're right, this forum is one of the most supportive ever - surprisingly so, IMHO. :smile:
  3. i love this forum, everyone is so amazing! hehe. hell, ppl can ask anything.. even about camel toe solutions.. hehe
  4. i was just think about this :yes: everyone is so nice here :flowers:
  5. the guys and gals on tPF rock!!! I love it here!
  6. Everdayy I drive home and already in my head I'm thinkin " PF ONCE I GET HOME!!!!!!!!"
  7. This is one of the best forums that I have ever been on. We're all nice to one another and respectful. I have seen some boards that are really rude and say nasty things to one another.

    I definitely appreciate a place like this.
  8. we've got a really great group here, and it's hard to explain why! there's nothing like tPF :smile:
  9. tPF rules, I appreciate it's existence even if I'm not posting that much - just spending two minutes in here is like a big refresher!

  10. Awww that is so true!! ;) hehehe
  11. I want to say another thanks to tpf too!

    Yes, tPF is AMAZING!!! :love: :love: :love: