Thank you CHANEL thread

  1. Hello everyone. I am writing this thraed to thank the chanel thred in the purse blog website. The reason I am writing this thred is because all you were so much help to me in buying my girlfriend her first chanel purse for her birthday. I do not know what I would have done without this website and thread. It was very helpful. She got the gift this weekend and absolutely loved it. Again thank you for all the help. :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:
  2. I didn't see the original thread, but this is so sweet! You are a great boyfriend.:yes:
  3. Me neither, what did you get????
  4. Aw. That's great! Glad your girlfriend is happy.
  5. soo sweet :biggrin: you actually bothered to research!!!
  6. wow!!!i wish my bf would be care about bags as much:'(
    i still hope for!
  7. How sweet!
  8. I bought the girlfriend a large cambon tote with the black CC's. She loved the purse!!!!!
    Again thank you for all the help.
  9. awww that's really nice of you! really glad she loved it! :biggrin:
  10. That's so sweet! What did you buy for her?
  11. What a wonderful boyfriend. I am glad she loved the purse.
  12. he wrote back what he bought for her above:
  13. how sweet!!!
  14. That's so wonderful! Glad she loved it!
  15. how sweet...she is so lucky to have you....(and i'm sure, vice versa!)