TEXAS MEET and Greet Ya'll

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  1. Hey! I am so excited to find that there are a few Long Tall Texans (Lyle Lovett reference) as myself.

    Anyone from Texas....or surrounding areas.....OK, New Mexico....etc etc....want to do a meet up?

    I think alot of the Texans are from Houston.

    I am not there but I would do the drive for this!

    Any dates in mind?

    How about a swanky lunch, looking fab...then a little shopping at H sound?

    lets talk dates! YAY! :yahoo:
  2. I am all for it. I am out of town Aug 4-12, other than that I am free
  3. i would suggest the gem show the wknd of july 13-15 in houston....but i'll be out of town!! pazt, moviegirl, and i always meet up with the rest of our fellow hermes lovers there (it's 4x/yr). it is always hermes eye candy with these ladies...not to mention the bling galore!! i'll also be gone the wknd after that, so july is not a good month for me.
  4. yeah August might be better or early Sept so people have time to PLAN :smile:
  5. I'm a Texan, but head out of hot and humid Houston for the mountains of Aspen as soon as it gets yucky. I claim CO as my home state during the monsoon season down here, which means that summer and early fall would not be a meet time. I'd follow your meet adventures with great interest on a thread though!
  6. I'm in and out in July/August. As soon as school starts back...I'm stuck in Houston. My daughter is a rising senior...so, from say mid August on is good for me. Too much driving...visiting colleges this summer. That will make you feel old FAST.
  7. anytime after july would be good for me.....still need to check with the specific dates you guys come up with!

    this is exciting!
  8. YES!!! I'm all in as long as we can do it b4 mid-late Sept. I'm due to pop in early Oct, and by the way things are going prolly mid Sept, so August is good for me!! Can't wait! This will be lots of fun!! YEEHAW!!!
  9. howdy.

    yeah lets shot for mid August or after labor day in Sept.

    how does that sound?

    Maybe if we wait till right after labor day it won't be so hot.....haha yeah right.
  10. hahahaha..it'll be hot right up until Thanksgiving!!!
  11. sheesh Christmas.

    I am excited guys! What is a skanky lunch place options are there?
  12. any resto that's close to H. America's will be a great place (right above Hermes)....just a suggestion.

    anywhere in the galleria area is just a ston'es throw away H....
  13. yes yes. I love the cozy Houston Hermes.

    yummy food, cute ladies, cute shoes, Hermes bags.


  14. Hahaha!! Gucci, did u mean SWANKY or SKANKY??? if u want skanky, rick's is down the street on richmond...:p:p
    swanky, i was thinking maybe ruggles 5115 grille in Saks 5th avenue:tup: Yummy food and tres chic atmosphere!
  15. oh no. oops. its the wine. WHOOPS.

    how about a swanky lunch with champagne then after we take our bras off then go to Ricks. HAAH.

    oops. I DEF meant SWANKY
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