Texas Chainsaw-The Begining

  1. Going to see it in 2 hours!

    Will let yall know how it goes..

  2. Yes let us know cuz I'm dying to see it!! I love horror movies.
  3. I can handle people killing people horrow movies...just not the ones that are psychological kinds....those F me up in the head for a while...aka THE GRUDGE...:crybaby:
  4. Ooohhh I can't wait for the Grudge 2 to come out this month. My mom and I went to see the first one at the movies and she held on to me almost the whole time. LOL!!
  5. Check out the store.. Its about 45 minutes away from where I live and they have the greatest bar-b-q. All three of the films were shot there.. Its quite a place..
  6. I want to see this movie so bad and noone will go with me b/c they don't like scary movies. A couple of my collegues said "No!! Too scary!" ........to be honest I don't want to go alone b/c I'll be scared :Push: :wtf: :lol:
  7. For some reason,, I found the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the first one with Jessica Biel) to be soooo creepy,, the fast that it's Based on a true story,, just freaks me out a lot!! And the part with the guys fingernails on the wall AHHHH lol

    I want to see this one,, but I'll wait to rent it! :wtf:
  8. I don't like really bloody horror movies.

    I'll watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show or the Scary Movies on Halloween, thank you.

    I do like psychological movies, though, but I'd never see them in the theatre. I'd either rent them or I would see them when they came on HBO or Showtime. (That's how I saw Saw.)
  9. Yes, please tell us if it is a good movie! I want to watch it, but once it gets out on video! I am wayyy to scared to go to the theater!
  10. please tell us if it is a good movie....
    i love.... scary movies.....

  11. I found the end to be the most creepy. Supposedly that was real footage at the very end with leatherface. :sad:
  12. ^^^ Actually, it was loosely based on a true story. The movie is much exagerated.
  13. Ok I'm home...


    It was pretty graphic!!!!!

    It was predictable , GRUESOME :sick: ,and overall what you would expect!


    Depressing though.

    I wouldn't want to die in those kinds of slow and painful ways.:crybaby: :sad:

    Just shoot me n get it over with.:flowers:
  14. Thanks, I'm dying to see it, I liked the first one with Jessica Biel, I think she acted her ass off in that movie. Especially the way she ran with the baby to the truck in the pouring rain and kept running over the guy.

  15. OMG,, I KNOW!!!!! :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: