Tessuto Fiocco Tote?

  1. i saw this on the Neiman Marcus website and i was wondering why it was so cheap?


    Prada Tessuto Fiocco Tote

    • Choose aluminum (light gray, shown) or black.
    • Ruched bow detail on front.
    • Tonal leather top handles.
    • 14"H x 10 1/5"W x 7"D.
    • Made in Italy.
  2. ???
  3. I believe it's nylon except for the bow...so that explains the price!
  4. okay, thanks. i thought no one would reply. :flowers:
  5. I actually saw this in the Prada boutique in Singapore and I believe it was in full leather. But didn't check the price tag. Does anyone know if this comes in two finishings?
  6. I remember Jill said this style comes with tessuto and leather both.
  7. ok. Does anyone know how much the leather one is?
  8. the all leather is like 900ish..great price for a cute bag!ALOT of PFers bought this bag in black nylon..really stylish!
  9. i saw this bag on the neiman website as well. cute bag. i was pretty surprised to see the price, too!
  10. I have seen this bag few days ago in Prada store in Rodeo Dr. It's adorable! This one is a larger size with a leather bow and handle and the rest is made of fabric/nylon. The smaller one is all leather though with a long detachable strap. Both are very cute but I absolutely love the leather one. The leather is so soft it's unbelievable. I am waiting for all the colors to come out (I only saw black and dark purple at that time).
  11. The full leather one comes in the bigger size as well. Saw it in Singapore and Hong Kong but all sold out now in these two countries.
  12. Thanks nymph2106. I didn't see the full leather in bigger size last time. It must be very cute! I try to look online but this bag (in leather) is no where to be found.
  13. Yes it was gorgeous! I wanted to get it, but when I went back to the boutique in Singapore, it was all sold out :sad: I believe the full leather in the bigger size is not available everywhere, was in Taipei a while ago and the SAs there said they only have the smaller one available...
  14. Can I just confirm that the Nylon tote comes in only 1 size? Thanks.
  15. the nylon tote comes in 2 different sizes.