Teri Hatcher Talks About Botox Rumors

  1. [​IMG]Teri Hatcher knows what's been written about her on the Internet, and she's setting the record straight: "I don't use Botox or Restylane and I've never had any surgery, no matter what you've read."

    Hatcher, 42, tells the British edition of Glamour in its March issue: "That's the one downside to fame – on any one day you can find loads of hideously mean things said about you online.

    "[My friend] keeps threatening to put these computer child locks on my computer so I can't torture myself. It hurts, you know?"

    The actress – who is dating director Peter Kay, – says she's started a production company so she doesn't have to worry about her looks so much.

    "I'm developing television programs and movies to produce, not star in," she says. "I'm already thinking about what's going to happen."

    She says she's struggled so much over the years to like herself "that the appearance of a few more lines doesn't really worry me so much."

    On her relationship with Kay, who previously dated her fellow Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria, she says they "don't play games."

    "I had a date set up for a week and a half away, but he called and said, 'You know what? I really think that seems like too far; what are you doing Monday?' "

    Btw, what can you comment about her beau right now??:p
  2. yeah....it's your story, tell it anyway you want...lol
  3. lol!!!
  4. I don't know, she has too much lines and wrinkles on her face for me to believe she's using botox. Marcia Cross however....
  5. yeah I agree with you :yes:
  6. Marcia injects botox into her botox lol

    she looks like a little alien with that forehead :biggrin:

    not sure about Terri, will have to have a good look next time I see her on screen ;)
  7. It think botox is AMAZING...I get it , will continue to get it and by the time Im 42 there will something even better!! She SHOULD use it if she feels she needs it. And if she is and she lying...thats too bad. Botox has made a big difference in my face, I wish I could do a commercial on it!
  8. I don't think there is anything wrong with Botox. It's very common and affordable. Whatever makes you feel good. I don't think that at her age she should lie about getting it. It's a wonderful thing.
  9. lol! SOLD!
  10. Hear,hear!!!
    I loathe todays society,women today just cant win,especially the ones that are in the public eye.If they use botox.etc they are called names and ridiculed and if they got lines they recive the same amount of scrutiny.It just makes me sick.And all speculations about wich celeb had something done is equally disgusting imo!!!:censor:
    I think its a personal choice and just childish to put someone down or diss them because they had plastic surgery.
  11. I concur! I also thinks is horribly sad that women in today's society still feel the need to cover up/lie about having any 'work' done on their bodies. It almost negates the mental reasons for them having the work done doesn't it?
  12. Very well said,i forgot to mention that,i completly agree but then again it takes us back to why they lie?Because they know the media would make a big deal about it and they would face scrutiny in that case aswell.I wish they had more courage about it though,and just say it out loud and stand behind their decision.
    But lets look at Jennifer Anistons case just to get the picture,she had her nose done but not because of estetic reasons and they made such a big deal about it anyway-just ridicilous!!!