1. I am dying for a Rose Red Tere. I have a Lola and I love the style, but it's very small for me. What's the difference between the Tere Shopper and the Tere Tote, and how does the Tessa tie-in? They all have a similar look and may have been from the same collection. :confused1:
    Sorry if this is a rehash, can't be certain without the search function. Please post pics for reference if you have any. Thanks so much!
  2. Ah, this is what I was asking about a week or so ago! I'm also interested to know what colors these babies came in, and the sizes relative to each other.

    I love my Lola - today was her "maiden voyage" and I was smiling down at her the whole day - but she's much smaller than I anticipated, especially when the umbrella is in the compartment. I can't even fit my regular wallet in there!

    So I'm curious to know these things, too.

    The only thing I know is that the Lola has an even smaller "little sister" and she's ADORABLE, but she'd only be suitable as a going-out or nighttime bag: pouchette

    I almost sprung for that bag...but waited it out and got Lola instead. But she's VERY cute! I know that bag comes in marigold, too, and I think one of the lovely MJ ladies here has one (or two).
  3. I haven't got any feedback yet, so I am going to post my theory on the subject and see if anyone cares to correct me...
    AFAIK, there are four bags that were all released in the same season that bear some resemblance to each other. I will present them in order from smallest to largest...
    1. The Pouchette

    2.The Lola (with an umbrella compartment in the bottom)

    3. The Tere

    4. The Tessa
    I am not sure why some people refer to a Tere Tote and a Tere Shopper? Is one of these bags just misnamed? or am I missing one? :shrugs:
  4. OMG...I have no idea...but now I need the Tere...this is NOT good...wow....

    I hope someone can answer that last question, because you just answered a few of mine. I'd like to know the difference between the tote and the shopper (if there is a difference), and the colors the bags come in. I've searched through the sticky threads and found a lot of info, but nothing comprehensive.

    Thank you for the photos and names, though!

    ETA: I just did a sharp intake of breath when I saw the Tere, and my husband looked over and said, "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" and pretended to hyperventilate. :roflmfao: Uh oh!

    ETA again: Is this bag a part of this group, or does it just bear a resemblance? *click on the photo for the auction/more photos*


    Because it looks similar (and cute), but I'm assuming it's not from that season.
  5. I had a tere tote/shopper in teal for a bit. It was too heavy and I decided to return it. I don't remember there being a tote and a shopper. I believe that they are the same bag.
  6. I know why you love these bags, the pleating of the leather at the front is too cute! By the way, any idea what year and season these came out?
  7. maci - I was told (by someone at MJ) that they were 2003 bags...I'm not sure what season, though.

    kiss_p - I just noticed the Tere has rolled straps, and no can do. :crybaby:It wasn't meant to be. The rolled straps on the MP were killer for me. In a way, I'm glad, so I don't have to go hunting one down. :ninja:
  8. ^ MPJ I think the bag that you posted is called Sarah? :wondering I found a post or two about it as I was diggin' through the older threads a day or two ago.
  9. Well, we all know how obsessed I am with this line, so I'll share my knowledge and then mslgrrl can fill in any missing pieces.

    There is a Tote AND a Shopper. The Tote's height measures 8" while the Shopper's is 11". Width difference is (I think) about 15" vs. 17" at the bottom.

    I've heard the bags are from either 2003 or 2004's Fall line, (still not sure which one - no interior serial #s).

    I have a lot of photos that I've compiled while hunting for my HG bags, (the more I hunt, the more I add to the list)! :p





    Tere Tote



    Tere Shopper





    The colors, (I think all styles were produced in every color although I'm not 100% sure): cream, marigold, dusty plum (the pink), red, teal, and black.

  10. wow...this thread is utterly facinating! that lola shopper in the red is TDF!:drool:
  11. thestarsgarb, thank you for those photos! They are gorgeous - where do I begin to explain what is appealing, the leather, the shape, the colour. Just beautiful. Imagine a cupboard full of all of them!!!!!! :drool: I am drooling..........
  12. love the tere tote and tere shoppers! i never knew this line came in so many different versions! i think i'm in love...
    great photos btw!
  13. Oh no...now we're a bunch of Tere/Lola addicts in here! There's a black Lola on eBay right now for a GREAT starting price - if you can't find it, PM me and I'll send you the link (just don't want lurkers snatching the auctions from us).

    But we should all keep lookouts for each other - because I'm jonesing for the pouchette in marigold or red, and another Lola in marigold, red, or teal, and the Tessa in red! I LOVE the shopper/tote, but I can't do rolled straps. :crybaby: What is UP with MJ and the rolled straps?!

  14. they're like handrolled cigarettes, smokin' hawt!:roflmfao: (sorry...haven't had my morning coffee...bad jokes...bad jokes...)
  15. thanks MPJ. I have got my eyes peeled, ready and waiting. I really do hope you find your dream pouchette and lola. There is nothing like the euphoria of finding (and getting and taking home with you!) your dream bag. :yahoo: Mind you , it will be interesting to see what kind of fall bags come out in the next collection. What is the likelihood that Marc will release similar or tere/lola inspired designs? We can live in hope!