Tell me which color is this?????

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  1. I'm selling this B bag but I have a problem I don't know the name of this color
    can someone help me???????????
    I'm talkin' about the blue one.
    DSCN1500.JPG DSCN1505.JPG DSCN1502.JPG
  2. blue---bleuet
  3. Does someone knows the name of this blue??????
  4. hmmm... not so sure, but could be teal from '05???
  5. Thanx That's what I tought
  6. btw, could you chech the silver tag to see the code?
    so we'll know the year and season... there it's easier to find out which blue is that to be sure :P
  7. The number on the tag is
  8. The second two photos look like teal 05 to me as well, not just the color but the type of leather.
  9. A is for spring summer 2005.
    so it's between indigo, teal and sky blue.
    i think it's def. a teal :P
  10. It looks so vibrant! I'm so used to seeing it faded now; that must be in GREAT condition!
  11. So~ is it teal?
  12. Yeah it's teal, and the color is so vibrant, but I sell it cause I need money for the 2007 collection.
  13. Teals soooooo pretty :heart:
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