Tell me, need some advice...

  1. Is Saleya PM or MM in Azur nice?? Pls tell me...:shrugs: TIA!!
  2. Yup, I like the Saleya models. Canvas is really refreshing, the lining inside is microfiber which I like, and there's some nice shiny hardware lol. I like GM for the extra zipper pocket and PM cuz it's cute, but not MM... it's not bad, but for its size I think it needs a zipper like the GM lol
  3. The Saleya is a cute and functional bag. I think the MM is the perfect size!
  4. I saw a girl carrying the PM this weekend and I LOVE it! I wasn't a huge fan of azur before until I saw this bag on her!!
  5. I LOVE the Saleya and prefer the PM
  6. I prefer the PM as well coz MM is too big for me.
  7. im growing to love my azur saleya pm although i wish i got the MM instead. Although the pm fits my stuff in it perfectly, i kind of like my bags to have a little more space left over for some reason...
    But the saleya is definitely functional, i feel like i can use it the whole day not having to switch to a day or night bag! :smile:
  8. I love my azur saleya PM. I love how it can be handheld or wear as a shoulder bag. It is not too bulky like the MM, so it is the perfect size for me. I love its fresh azur canvas and stylish shape. I have received many compliments when I take it out. Hope this helps.