Tell me...did I do the right thing?

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  1. After being bitten by the bag bug, I've suddenly decided to spoil myself with either a Chanel double flap or Louis Vuitton Mahina L (as per my thread in the Chanel forum). Because of all the crazy price increases and especially because of the INSANE boutique prices here in Melbourne, I was browsing through Yoogi's Closet when I found a Mahina L in Opal in "like new" condition for $2995 USD (LV boutique sells it for $4000 AUD)

    After getting it authenticated in this forum, I asked myself "Will I regret it if it's not there tomorrow?" and purchased it straight away!

    Now, I'm having second thoughts. So tell me, have I done the wrong thing?!

    I'm still committed to getting a Chanel double flap - most likely both a m/l lambskin and jumbo caviar sometime in the near future - there's no doubt about that. But is the Mahina L still worth it?

    Note: I currently am the proud owner of two LV handbags - the monogram beverly clutch and sunset boulevard in amarante.
  2. i don't own a mahina L but i think it is a gorgeous bag one of my favourites and my HG. From what i've read in the mahina clubhouse you can't go wrong with it. You found yourself a great deal so i say enjoy your bag. if you receive it and you decide it is no good for you you can always sell it to fund chanel. So, no wrong thing here, plus you will know then that it is not for you so no regrets! congrats on your beautiful purchase and find!
  3. Why are you having second thought? I have FOUR Mahinas and absolutely love them, worth every penny. You're saving over $1000. You're paying for a beautiful, ALL LEATHER bag. If you don't like the bag when it arrives, you can always return it.
  4. I would wait to get the bag before questioning the purchase. Moment you open the box...what does your gut say? I would then base my decision on that. Till then be excited and know you got a good deal.
  5. :tup: How can you not love a good deal? hehe
  6. I don't want to place a negative msg in your thread only concern would be the amount of duties you may have to pay once the bag arrives in might have to factor that into your costs???
  7. Mahina L is a great bag -- I have 3 -- bet you'll love it when you get it!!
  8. U get free return service for 30 days. If u regret ? Just return it and kept all the tags on. And only try it in the house :smile:
  9. Seriously gorgeous bag. I would be very excited if I were you.
  10. I'd prefer the Chanel. I have considered the Mahina and SC but I suspect they will be retired at some point, just like the gorgeous Suhali. I love them both, but I cannot bring myself to spend that kind of money on LV, even though I want to. I just don't think retired vintage LV lines carry the same prestige. Moreover, the flap will never be retired and the rumors are that the price will truly skyrocket (jumbo may reach $7000 US by the end of the year).
  11. Yes, you did the right thing! Mahina L is a gorgeous bag to add to your collection! Congrats! And enjoy! Now you can focus on the Chanel!
  12. i wouldnt regret it
    thats money you can put towards the chanel flap!
  13. I've seen that on yoogi's closet. The one thing that held me back is how the date code is not visible. I trust that it's genuine but I'd like to see the date code.
  14. +1. I imported a bag that was marked at just under 1.2k and had to pay over $200 in customs. Still seething over that! It's a beautiful bag, and if my rough calculations are correct or close, you're still saving yourself around $500. Enjoy your Mahina; it's a stunning bag.

    That is seriously insane. :shocked:
  15. I think you did the right thing...

    If you keep a look out on Yoogi's closet, you might even be able to get a chanel flap from there too... and save money. I love yoogi's closet, its an awesome consignment place.

    The chanel flap prices (new) in Australia are absolutely ridiculous. I think the jumbo is now almost $6k... whereas Yoogis will sometimes have them around $4k. If you get one in really good condition from Yoogi's you have saved yourself $2k :biggrin: